Masco's Cooperation Aids Bathroom Faucet and Shower Enclosure Investigation by European Commission

By Masco Corporation, PRNE
Tuesday, June 22, 2010

TAYLOR, Michigan, June 23, 2010 - Masco Corporation (NYSE: MAS) today confirmed that in 2004, as a result
of its legal and ethical compliance program, it had discovered and stopped
certain subsidiaries from participating in anticompetitive business practices
in the bathroom faucet and shower enclosure industries in certain countries
in Europe. Immediate steps were taken to report the infringement to the
appropriate authorities and Masco and its subsidiaries cooperated fully
throughout the investigation. As a result of its reporting of the
infringement and cooperation throughout the investigation, Masco and its
subsidiaries were given complete immunity from the European Commission
following the investigation of the anticompetitive practices.

A strict zero tolerance policy is in place throughout Masco for any
anticompetitive behavior.

Headquartered in Taylor, Michigan, Masco Corporation is one of the
world's leading manufacturers of home improvement and building products, as
well as a leading provider of services that include the installation of
insulation and other building products.

Masco Corporation's press releases and other information are available
through the Company's toll free number, 1-888-MAS-NEWS, or under the Investor
Relations section of Masco's Web site at .

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September 12, 2010: 12:09 pm

That doesn’t sound right to me. People’s hearing aids don’t work right so they just decide to no wear them at all? That stikes me as putting the cart before the horse or more like pulling the cart with the horse in it. That appears to me to make life harder not easier. I think people don’t want to admit that they need a hearing aid.

September 10, 2010: 4:45 pm

What? What does this mean? Is my shower defective? What, someone tell me!

September 10, 2010: 4:34 pm

Those European fat cats! When will they learn to back off and let the private sector flourish! Enough socialist meddling, let the free market decide!

September 10, 2010: 4:21 pm

Great Caesars Ghost! I sure do hope they get out of this debacle!

September 10, 2010: 4:00 pm

Jiminy, looks like them varmints are in a heap of trouble. Tar-nation, I hopes they can rastle up a compromise!

September 10, 2010: 3:39 pm

I say, what a debacle, hope everything goes well, PIP PIP!

September 10, 2010: 3:22 pm

They aught to shut these guys down, we don’t need no faucet trust!

September 10, 2010: 1:44 pm

Glad to see this cooperation, Masco’s good people.

September 10, 2010: 9:26 am

I had no idea that MASCO is headquartered in Taylor, Michigan. That’s very interesting to me. That’s great though that they’re helping with the Bathroom Faucet and Shower Enclosure Investigation.

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