Maurel & Prom - Success With the OMOC-N-302 Well in Gabon

By Maurel Prom, PRNE
Sunday, November 14, 2010

Flow Rate of 1,600 boepd

PARIS, November 15, 2010 - Gabon

AEE ONAL (operator, 85%)

Maurel & Prom is able to confirm the success of the OMOC-N-302
delineation well in the Onal AEE. This well, with a total depth of 1,060 m,
has encountered saturated hydrocarbon reserves in the Gres de base formation,
with 39 m perforated.

During testing on a 32/64'' choke, an eruptive flow rate of
1,600 boepd of oil was recorded.

This is the second well drilled from this platform. The first
well OMOC-N-301 (1,600 boepd during testing) had demonstrated the presence of
a new compartment in the Gres de base, proving a Southeast extension of the
Onal field.

The OMOC-N-302 well is the fourth appraisal well on the
OMOC-North field. The predominantly Gres de base wells (OMOC-N-301 and
OMOC-N-302) could be linked up to the Onal evacuation facilities in December
and connected to the production centre by the end of the year, adding
around 2,500 boepd to current production levels. By itself, this well will
not have any consequences concerning the level of reserves forecast for the
end of the year.

The predominantly Kissenda wells, with OMOC-N-101 and
OMOC-N-201 already drilled, as well as the OMOC-N-103 well, with drilling
underway, and the OMOC-N-501 and OMOC-N-401 wells, to be drilled by the end
of February 2011, will be connected up directly to the production centre
using an independent pipeline.

An exploration well (OMOC-N-601) will be drilled in early 2011
on the OMOC-N field outside of the Onal AEE. It is targeting the Gres du

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