Mediaspectrum Launches Revolutionary iPad Platform for Publishers

By Mediaspectrum, PRNE
Monday, September 13, 2010

SILICON VALLEY, California, September 14, 2010 - Mediaspectrum, Inc.(R) today introduced Adrenalin, the first complete
solution for publishers seeking to create a customized news-reading
application for Apple's iPad and other tablet devices. Adrenalin powers the
three pillars of every digital news organization-dynamic content, integrated
advertising, and subscription management-and offers publishers a low-risk,
low-cost opportunity to establish a powerful presence in the rapidly growing
media tablet market.

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Now is the time for publishers to position themselves for the future.
According to a recent report from International Data Corporation (IDC),
worldwide media tablet shipments will jump from 7.6 million units in 2010 to
over 46 million units in 2014.(1) This explosive growth will transform the
way consumers read and obtain news-and create an entirely new revenue channel
for savvy news providers.

Adrenalin enables publishers to quickly and easily enter the media tablet

In just a few simple steps, publishers can create a branded iPad
application that includes a customized icon, splash screen, and logo.
Publisher-selected fonts, colors, and content categories further enhance the
application's distinct look and feel.

Content (including stories, photos, and videos) is managed by Adrenalin
CMS, an advanced content management system fed directly from the publisher
using XML/RSS feeds. Once a consumer has downloaded the publisher's app from
iTunes, Adrenalin CMS dynamically updates the content based on parameters
established-and easily maintained-by the publisher, such as content duration,
order of appearance, and more. The Adrenalin News Reader application
continuously refreshes content when users are online. For offline use,
Adrenalin automatically stores the most recent version for continued access.

As an added option, Adrenalin can also recreate the exact look and feel
of print publications with its Replica+ News Reader. Publishers first create
the basics of a branded iPad application (icon, splash screen, and logo),
then use the Adrenalin system to deliver an exact digital recreation of their
print title for iPad readers. Publishers can enhance these digital replicas
with additional content, including photos, video, or even video advertising.
Using the Replica+ news reader, publishers can quickly and easily grow print
subscriptions and upsell digital inventory in the process.

Adrenalin features a fully integrated advertising engine.

Unlike all other iPad applications, Adrenalin features an integrated ad
sales system that allows advertisers, agencies, and internal sales teams to
directly schedule, target, and manage ad delivery. Ads can be assigned to a
single application, selected to run across the entire Adrenalin network of
publishers, or targeted to reach a specific group of consumers.

Accessing the ad sales portal is easy, either directly from the
publisher's iPad application or through any standard Web browser. Advertisers
achieve increased exposure with less effort. Publishers gain a new revenue
stream with larger buys and less unsold inventory-all with little to no
additional investment in sales.

Adrenalin offers built-in digital subscription management.

Rather than charge users a one-time fee to download their app, Adrenalin
publishers can instead offer digital content subscriptions from within the
app itself. Readers download the app for free. Publishers present them with
customized subscription packages tailored to meet their needs. By taking
advantage of this functionality, publishers develop a recurring revenue
stream while capturing critical data about their subscribers.

"As the transition from traditional computing to tablet and mobile
devices continues to evolve, publishers are given the rare opportunity to
reinvent their businesses," said Scott Killoh, CEO at Mediaspectrum. "To
succeed, these companies must build their mobile strategies on a platform
that can handle it all. Adrenalin is that platform, custom-built from fully
developed Mediaspectrum technology that is already powering the world's
largest and most demanding media operations. We've been doing this
successfully for years - Adrenalin is a natural extension that taps into the
growth and revenue these new mobile devices promise for publishers and
advertisers alike."

    Key components of the new Adrenalin platform:
    - Adrenalin News Reader: A full-featured news reader application for the
      iPad uniquely branded by the publisher. The Adrenalin News Reader
      allows media companies to deliver consumers an elegant, customized
      news experience with rich interactive content, including stories,
      photos, and videos. Content is updated continuously throughout the
      day. "Breaking News" alerts keep readers abreast of the latest
      information. Offline users retain access to the most recently updated

    - Adrenalin Replica+ News Reader: A uniquely branded news reader
      application for the iPad that delivers an exact digital recreation of a
      publisher's print title. Additional photos, videos, and video ads
      enhance the reader experience. Publishers can claim Replica+ readers
      as part of their print circulation, increasing this crucial metric and
      the advertising rates that accompany it.

    - Adrenalin CMS: A powerful content management system that provides
      publishers a world-class interface to create, manage, and assign
      content; upload and assign photos and videos for distribution; and
      develop a comprehensive content database. Adrenalin CMS imports
      content directly from publishers through a simple XML/RSS feed. Once
      content enters the system, Adrenalin CMS makes it instantly available
      to the publisher's uniquely branded iPad application.

    - Adrenalin Advertising: The industry's only integrated advertising
      engine for mobile news readers that handles both online and offline ad
      delivery. The Adrenalin Advertising platform allows advertisers,
      agencies, and consumers to easily schedule, target, and manage
      advertisements within the publisher's iPad application or across the
      entire Adrenalin network of publishers. Adrenalin's self-service ad
      sales interface also empowers consumers to instantly become
      advertisers. Detailed campaign reports (including clicks, impressions,
      and engagement) provide insights that help measure the success of each

    - Adrenalin Digital Subscriptions: A built-in subscription management
      system that allows publishers to sell customized subscription packages
      from within the News Reader application. Adrenalin Digital
      Subscriptions allows publishers to develop a recurring revenue stream
      while capturing critical data on their subscribers.

Pricing for the Adrenalin platform varies based on the components
selected. It can start as low as zero, with Mediaspectrum charging a small
percentage for revenue it helps facilitate.

The solution makes its debut today at DEMO Fall 2010 in Silicon Valley,
where Mediaspectrum was hand-selected to formally introduce Adrenalin to the
marketplace. Mediaspectrum will also host an Adrenalin Webinar on September
at 2pm ET to introduce the platform to interested publishers. To sign
up, please send an email to

About Mediaspectrum

Mediaspectrum's Cloud Computing Platform is the premier solution for
addressing all aspects of multi-channel advertising and editorial content
management. We provide a unique environment that encourages media companies
to consolidate their legacy solutions into a single, Web-based platform. The
Mediaspectrum platform currently helps some of the world's leading media
companies-including the Washington Post, Tribune Company, USA Today and
Trinity Mirror-to increase ad revenues, manage content, streamline processes,
and improve customer experience. Our products are easy-to-use, fast to
deploy, and target every form of print and digital media. Mediaspectrum is
headquartered in Burlington, MA and can be found on the Web at

(1) IDC - Press Release, "IDC Forecasts 7.6 Million Media Tablets to be
Shipped Worldwide in 2010," May 2010.

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