MetaMoJi Receives HMRC Recognition for its iXBRL-Compliant MashIQ Financial Reporting Solution

By Metamoji Corporation, PRNE
Thursday, November 18, 2010

LONDON, November 19, 2010 - MetaMoJi Corporation, a leading XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting
Language) software supplier headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, is pleased to
announce MashIQ XBRL Report has been granted HMRC recognition for its iXBRL
support and has been added to HMRC's official list of commercial vendors.

The HMRC mandate of the use of the "inline XBRL" (iXBRL) format for
Company Tax returns takes effect from April 2011. The HMRC recognition
process ensures that the iXBRL documents MashIQ XBRL Report produces meets
their quality standards.

"We are pleased to have gained HMRC recognition for MashIQ XBRL Report
and to have MetaMoJi added to the roster of iXBRL-compliant software
vendors," said Kaz Ukigawa, MetaMoJi CEO. "This is a great milestone, further
demonstrating MetaMoJi's ongoing commitment to XBRL adoption efforts."

MashIQ XBRL Report enables you to easily create and publish rich,
user-generated iXBRL content that can be viewed with any browser and shared
via the MashIQ Report Cloud.

Within the submission process for HMRC Corporation Tax returns, MashIQ
XBRL Report can be for internal and external assurance purposes to review and
validate content and ensuring that the mappings from the original accounts
into iXBRL have been done correctly. It is also used by filing preparers to
create iXBRL documents from raw XBRL instance data if their solution is
unable to produce inline XBRL directly.

MetaMoJi Principal Technology Advisor, Diane Mueller, commented:
"Accountants and regulators alike require a visual representation of
financial reports before approving their release or attesting to the
authenticity of a financial document. Inline XBRL revolutionizes the delivery
of this content by marrying the power of the XBRL standard with the
simplicity of HTML to deliver visually accurate, XBRL compliant financial
reports directly to your browser, radically simplifying the corporate
reporting workflow for preparers, auditors, regulators & the entire investor
relations supply chain."

MashIQ XBRL Report allows you to take any XBRL source file or any
pre-existing iXBRL document and extract the financial content, removing the
need to copy and paste, improving accuracy. The user can then analyse,
compare and report on those financial facts, and compose new iXBRL reports
that can be shared with colleagues and easily viewed in any browser. These
reports can subsequently be re-used to produce additional reports, all based
on the original financial facts.

The MashIQ XBRL Report software is available now. To download your free
copy just register on our community site and then
follow the instructions at to start
working with inline XBRL in minutes.

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MetaMoJi Corporation was incorporated by Mr. & Mrs. Ukigawa, the founders
of JustSystems (JASDAQ: 4684) in 2009 to evolve human understanding and
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organisations, made available through the cloud, and published on the web.
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