Valued Opinions Highlights use of Social Media in Online Market Research

By Research Now, PRNE
Tuesday, November 23, 2010

LONDON, November 24, 2010 - Valued Opinions has uncovered the opportunities for online market
research via the use of social media.

The online market research industry has been exponentially growing over
the past 10 years and companies recognise the need to gain opinions quicker
in order to hold market position in an ever competitive environment. Online
market research offers a faster, cheaper option to traditional forms of
market research through paid online survey platforms such as Valued Opinions.
As global internet penetration increases, an abundance of untapped opinions
are available for the taking.

But the online market research industry is also evolving with the advent
of the social media landscape. Social media networks are widespread
throughout the web and offer those willing to listen with an abundance of
extremely useful information. Coupled with paid survey sites such as Valued
Opinions, social networks are helping Sir Tim Barnes Lee, inventor and
Director of the World Wide Web Consortium, realise his dream. That is "to
develop a pool of human knowledge, and human culture which would help
collaborators in remote sites to share their ideas."

Through an online opinion poll conducted by online market research panel
Valued Opinions, ( only 22% of all
respondents in 5 countries have never given an opinion on products and
services through social media web sites. Surprisingly, of those who answered
"yes" to providing a review of the product or services they consume, very few
(5%) are inclined to write a review based on a negative experience with their

Interestingly, when looking at the behaviours between a developed and
developing country, there was also little difference in opinions between UK
and Brazil, with 28% and 23% respectively answering yes to providing a review
on social media sites, irrespective of satisfaction. With a wealth of
information at their fingertips, consumers around the globe are evolving into
advanced shoppers, giving reviews and sourcing information from like-minded

Word of mouth is increasingly becoming the main vehicle from which to
base and influence purchasing decisions. As people continue to provide
opinions on the products and services, the "pool of human knowledge" will
continue to expand, providing companies with an additional avenue from which
to conduct their research.

Advanced social listening tools are being used to filter, decipher, and
analyse the amount of buzz being fed through the social universe. With online
opinion polls, paid online surveys and online focus groups accounting for
most of the market research turnover in 2009, the industry is set for
continued growth in 2010. The only thing left to do is listen.

About Valued Opinions:

Valued Opinions is an online market research platform ( where members have the
opportunity to earn rewards by participating in online surveys.
( Through various partnerships with
popular retailers such as, Tesco and HMV, Valued Opinions provides
its members with attractive rewards in exchange for completing online paid
surveys. (

The survey topics are tailored to their member's preferences and can
include anything from green issues to healthy living, fast food to slow
trains, politicians to favourite film.

Made up of more than 2 million members globally, the Valued Opinions
community provides market research companies with access to untapped opinions
from a large database of consumers.

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PR Contact: Sebastien Van Schalkwyk, Loyalty Marketing Manager, 1st Floor, Elizabeth House, 39 York Road, London, SE1 7NQ, +44(0)207-921-2562

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