'Mind the Security Gap': Sipera Systems Showcases Anti-Toll Fraud, Secure Voice-over-IP, Safe SIP Trunk Solutions at Infosecurity Europe 2011

By Sipera Systems, PRNE
Monday, April 18, 2011

Highlighting Groundbreaking VoIP & Unified Communications Security Solutions with Partners Datapoint, Gamma Telecom, and Redscan

LONDON, April 19, 2011 - Sipera Systems, the leader in real-time Unified Communications (UC)
enablement and security, today announced it will be showcasing Voice-over-IP
(VoIP) security, smartphone security and "safe SIP trunk" solutions at the
Infosecurity Europe 2011 conference in London today through Thursday. Product
demonstrations and presentations will be held in Sipera stand H50, alongside
partners Datapoint, Gamma Telecom, and Redscan.

Security managers everywhere are dealing with the emergence of VoIP,
video, collaboration and other new applications with new security
requirements in the IT environment. Enterprises also face new communications
devices such as smartphones and tablets and new communications deployments
such as business telephony over the Internet. This host of security changes
is the new "Security Gap" that will be highlighted by Sipera and its partners
at Infosecurity Europe, along with strategies and solutions to help security
managers to "Mind the Security Gap."

Sipera's award-winning security and SIP trunking appliances simplify and
accelerate the adoption of advanced, IP-based business communications by
providing essential security functions for these new applications. With
Sipera solutions, customers around the world are:

    - Migrating to VoIP and Unified Communications while maintaining the
      required confidentiality, integrity and availability of business
    - Minimizing security risks and blocking toll fraud and premium rate
      fraud, two increasingly common VoIP security issues that cause billions
      in annual losses.
    - Ensuring VoIP and other new applications are compliant with privacy and
      archiving rules, such as PCI DSS for credit card security.
    - Incorporating full visibility and security control over VoIP, IP video
      conferencing, instant messaging, collaboration tools and many other
      real-time applications.

In addition, Sipera's VIPER Lab Director Jason Ostrom will present "Field
Notes on Enterprise VoIP and UC Application Security and Vulnerabilities,"
today at 4:00 p.m. He will review security assessments performed for major
enterprises using UC business applications. Attendees will also learn about
real-world UC vulnerabilities and risks, security best practices and
mitigation strategies.

"Network and business communication applications have been rapidly
evolving over recent years. Security solutions have to evolve as well, to
keep pace with the new voice, video and collaboration applications and the
end user devices such as smartphones, tablets and soft clients that utilize
them," said Adam Boone, Vice President of Marketing & Product Management at
Sipera. "Sipera's extensive product family and partner network ensure that
the security architecture is up to the challenge of securing and controlling
these new applications and devices. Now a security manager can constantly
monitor and manage the security posture of these critical communications, and
proactively block related threats that put corporate information security in

Among the Sipera solutions being highlighted at Infosecurity:

    - Sipera's E-SBC is the first SBC designed from the ground up with the
      SIP trunk termination needs and requirements of small companies and
      enterprises in mind. Scaling from 20 to 10,000 concurrent sessions, the
      E-SBC is available for as little as 10 percent of the cost of the
      market-leading carrier-focused SBCs. Unlike repackaged
      telecommunications carrier products, E-SBC enables enterprises to
      terminate SIP trunks without the complexities or costs associated with
      traditional SBCs.
    - Sipera will also feature the new promotion of Gamma's SIP trunking
      services with Sipera's UC security and SBC solutions, which will be
      highlighted at the Wick Hill stand.
    - Sipera UC-Sec appliances provide comprehensive VoIP and UC security
      that enables enterprises to simply and confidently deploy VoIP and
      Unified Communications over any network, to any device, including VoIP
      phones, smartphones, tablets, soft-clients, video phones and others.
      The comprehensive, plug-and-play security platform delivers the
      industry's most advanced protection against toll fraud, intrusion,
      unauthorized access, eavesdropping, and other UC vulnerabilities.

About Sipera Systems

Sipera Systems, the leader in real-time Unified Communications (UC)
security solutions, is the choice of enterprises and service providers around
the world to support their mission-critical UC deployments.

Sipera offers groundbreaking solutions that secure voice, video,
messaging, collaboration, and other real-time communications in converged IP
networks, boosting compliance with information security requirements and
simplifying the adoption of UC. Sipera's innovative Borderless UC(TM)
architecture delivers secure and private enterprise-class communications to
any device over any network in any location.

Backed by the industry-leading research of the VIPER Lab, Sipera's
award-winning UC-Sec appliance provides comprehensive threat protection,
policy enforcement, access control, and encryption in a single, flexible,
plug-and-play device. The UC-Sec is pre-integrated with all market-leading UC
vendor solutions and is the world's first UC security device to be Common
Criteria certified, meeting the stringent international standard for IT

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