Syneron-Candela Presents 3 New Products at the 22nd World Congress of Dermatology in Seoul, Korea to Optimize Treatments That Respond to the Highest in-Demand Aesthetic Treatments of Asian Consumers

By Syneron-candela, PRNE
Wednesday, May 25, 2011

YOKNEAM, Israel, May 26, 2011 -

Syneron Medical Ltd. (NASDAQ: ELOS) held a media panel on the
specific challenges of Asian skin and ways to successfully satisfy the
increasing demands of Asian consumers regarding skin tone and appearance.

"Many people believe that the most important differences in
skin type are related to color or texture," said Bang Soon Kim, MD,
Co-Director S&U Dermatological Clinic. "The truth of the matter is that
differences in skin according to ethnic origin are much more complex and
Asian skin has its own unique characteristics and requirements for which
specific treatments and products are needed."

"In our efforts to bring the best possible aesthetic solutions
to physicians and their patients around the world, we are proud to present at
this World Congress innovations that are particularly geared towards the
needs of Asian skin," announced Louis P. Scafuri, Chief Executive Officer of
Syneron. The unique and novel technologies that Syneron will be presenting,
at this year's World Congress of Dermatology, include elure(TM), ePrime(TM)
and eMatrix(R). All three of these products are able to take into
consideration the specific requirements of Asian skin.


The elure Advanced Skin Lightening Technology(TM) is the first
and only topical skin lightening product that improves appearance by
temporarily breaking down melanin, the pigment that accumulates in the skin
to cause a darkened or uneven skin tone. Using a novel natural enzyme called
Melanozyme(TM), the elure system delivers rapid improvement in skin
appearance, creating healthier, brighter and younger-looking skin in less
than 30 days, with an excellent safety profile and very high tolerability.

The results of elure have already been proven with
multi-center studies throughout the world and the effectiveness and safety on
Asian skin has been demonstrated.

In his presentation during a Syneron sponsored media panel at
the World Congress of Dermatology today, Alain Khaiat, PhD - President of
Seers Consulting, announced that "our clinical trial data confirms that elure
has an ideal profile for meeting more quickly and safely the demands of Asian
skin. It is perfectly suited for both men and women for whom the reduction of
skin hyper-pigmentation irregularities contributes to greater self-esteem and
quality of life."


This revolutionary facial treatment device is particularly
well adapted to the needs of Asian skin thanks to the unique technology
employed in this procedure. Given the greater tendency of Asian skin to form
unsightly scars through cosmetic laser procedures, it is important to
understand the exact impact of various devices on Asian skin. This is exactly
what Syneron has done with its ePrime energy-based dermal remodeling system.
"We are deeply impressed with the way in which the ePrime minimally invasive
technology allows us to deliver measured Radio Frequency energy directly into
the deep dermis for noticeable improvement to skin tone and volume without
any damage to Asian skin," said Henry Hin Lee Chan, MD, PhD, Hong Kong
Dermatology and Laser Centre.


Another one of Syneron's RF based devices that ensures safe
and effective treatment of Asian skin, is the revolutionary eMatrix Sublative
Rejuvenation - Fractionated bipolar Radio Frequency device. Its ability to
produce significant dermal impact with minimal epidermal damage, allows it to
be highly effective for improving wrinkles, skin laxity, textural
irregularities and for reducing disgraceful scarring or skin lesions of
various origins. Its minimal epidermal disruption provides a competitive
advantage that is particularly important when treating Asian skin.

With growing demands in Asia for products and services that
improve skin appearance, Syneron Medical Ltd. already offers ideal solutions
with fast visible results, whether for skin whitening or for skin
rejuvenation. "Innovation is what drives our business," said Shimon Eckhouse,
co-founder and Chairman of Syneron Medical Ltd. "And we are investing heavily
in research to meet the specific needs of Asian skin." With the greatest
growth in the aesthetic market coming from Asia, it is important to know that
Syneron is continuously working closely with the Asian medical community to
remain at the forefront of the best possible products and technology for
Asian skin.

About Syneron Medical Ltd.

In 2009, Syneron Medical Ltd. and Candela Corporation merged
to create the global leader in the medical aesthetic devices market with both
a short and long-term vision for developing this market. The strong financial
base and aligned resources, allow this newly formed company to offer
customers the broadest available product portfolio, the best global service
organization and an expansive worldwide distribution network. With new
breakthrough technologies currently in the pipeline, Syneron is ideally
positioned to maintain its global leadership and continue to help physicians
grow their practice.

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