New Users are Urged to Avoid Overshare by Email on Google+, Says Punch

By Punch Communications Ltd, PRNE
Monday, July 25, 2011

LONDON, July 26, 2011 -


New users to the ‘Google+ Project’, which is being launched publicly this week (July 31st 2011) should proceed with caution when sharing information using the new circles system and ensure that they understand who will receive their posts, says integrated PR, Search and Social Media AgencyPunch Communications.

Users can import information from Twitter, Facebook and email accounts using many third party tools. However, although these contacts are added to a user’s ‘circles’ - which is Google+’s contact management and content filtering functionality that draws from elements of both Facebook and Twitter - some will be added as email contacts rather than Google+ contacts.

Consequently, when sharing with those contacts that do not yet use the service, they will receive an email, rather than an ‘in-network’ update to their ‘Stream’, which is Google+’s version of the Facebook newsfeed. Whilst this is clearly intentional from Google’s perspective to help grow usage of the service - and certainly in the user’s interest initially - the majority of recipients of such mails are likely to prefer not to receive them - and to even regard them as spam.

Pete Goold, MD of SEO Agency Punch, said:

“Whilst it’s certainly recommended to play with the functionality of Google+, which is undoubtedly a terrific new platform as it has built on the proven functionality of services such as Instagram, Flipboard, FourSquare, Twitter, Skype and, of course, Facebook - it’s worth understanding who will receive what updates, and how.

“In the early stages, most recipients of an email from Google+ will presumably be relatively happy to receive them but, given that many users will update their Google+ account several times per day, it’s unlikely that those that either have yet to use the service itself - or simply chose not to - will be happy to have their inbox filled with such content.

“The key is in importing contacts from other services but then using the circles tool to segment contacts - through looking for those contacts which contain the email icon - and thereby ensuring that content can stay within the network, unless it’s intentional to genuinely distribute to all - which of course, will certainly be the case in many instances as this is useful functionality when used correctly.”

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