NewSpace Global, LLC Launches to Serve the Financial Sector on Commercial Space

By Newspace Global Llc, PRNE
Tuesday, November 22, 2011

NEW YORK, November 23, 2011 -

NewSpace Global, LLC (”NSG”; announced today its official launch.  NSG is an information service provider that offers customers specific analysis on the NewSpace or commercial space sector through monthly reports, customized analysis (e.g. “Deep Dive” reports on sub-sectors or individual target companies), consulting and advisory work, special events, and real-time tracking.  NSG relies upon experts in technology, finance, investing, business, science, real estate, law and media.

“NewSpace is not the future; NewSpace is the present.  There are tremendous opportunities to invest in this industry now,” said Richard M. David, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of NSG.  “NSG penetrates the complexities of this market to give our diverse user base - i.e. investment banks, private equity/hedge funds, venture capital, angel investors, sovereign wealth funds, large corporations and government agencies - access to the ‘inner circle’ of this nascent but rapidly growing industry.”

Joe Landon, Managing Director of Space Angels Network, said: “Space Angels Network members, who are all accredited and active investors in the aerospace industry, are excited to finally have a reliable and objective source of information about the commercial space sector.  We look forward to working closely with NewSpace Global to support our investment decision making process.”

“NSG seeks to offer critical, timely, and accurate information to its customers so they can make more informed decisions,” said Richard M. David.  “Our proprietary methodology in analyzing the top 100 NewSpace companies - as visualized within our main index, the NSG 100 - enables our customers to save both time and capital resources.  Our customers can leverage our team of experts in a dozen cities, on three different continents, which allows us to provide global context in a rapidly shifting industry.”

About NewSpace Global, LLC:
NewSpace Global, LLC is an information service provider company. It has representatives in New York City, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, Seattle, Sante Fe (NM), Boston, Cape Canaveral, Boulder, Logan (UT), Blacksburg (VA), Hong Kong and Brussels.

About Space Angels Network, LLC:
Space Angels Network (”SAN”) is the premier source of aerospace dealflow for investors and of early-stage capital for aerospace-related ventures across a wide spectrum of technologies, markets, and industries.  SAN is a professionally managed national network of accredited investors focused on aerospace-related opportunities.

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