Niche Perfume House Askett & English Announce Askett "Essential" and Askett "Absolute" Fragrances

By Askett English, PRNE
Tuesday, November 15, 2011

LONDON, November 16, 2011 -

Located amongst the beautiful rolling landscapes, high beech woods and green fields of the Chiltern Hills in Buckinghamshire, artisan perfumer Askett & English has developed a brace of exquisite fragrances in the spirit of the classic cologne.

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Quintessentially English in their creation, style and expression both colognes use only the finest ingredients to remain subtle and understated whilst conveying a message of rare quality and taste.  

Based on recollections of summers spent in Italy and France and reflecting the heritage of the original colognes, Askett & English have managed to encapsulate a delightful range of pleasures in each of the fragrances ensuring wide appeal to both men and women.

Light and invigorating, Askett “Essential” is ideal for every event or circumstance. Refreshing yet subtle at any time of day, “Essential” recounts an opening of Sicilian lemon groves on a bright sunny morning before transitioning towards a relaxed afternoon stroll in the cool dappled shade of tall cedars.

Complex and intriguing, Askett “Absolute” opens with a heady scent of neroli before relaxing and developing a balance with old wood, moss and musk to create a subtle, sensual air. Equally perfect for indoor or an outdoor events “Absolute” will be sure to make a favourable impression in any company.  

Available from specialist perfumeries, “the response has been fantastic”, said Matthew Jeffs the house’s Managing Director. “To date each of the perfumery owners has expressed the intention to wear the cologne themselves”, he said. “In fact Elizabeth Hawksley, founder of Les Senteurs, the premier perfumery in London went one better in stating Askett “Essential” had won a place as one of her personal favourites. This has served as a tremendous endorsement of the fragrances appeal, particularly given the depth of knowledge and experience the perfumery owners have. To cap it all, a stockist called recently to say one client was so delighted, they bought six bottles on their first visit and returned two days later for five more. With that sort of affirmation we couldn’t be happier”, he concluded.

Having intended to create a contender for the finest of English colognes, Askett & English appear to have achieved just that.

Priced at £60- for 100ml, further details including stockists are available at

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