Britain's Motorists Regularly Leave GBPBillions in Their Cars Overnight

By Allianz Insurance Plc, PRNE
Wednesday, April 13, 2011

LONDON, April 14, 2011 - British motorists regularly leave an astonishing GBP3.2 BILLION worth of
belongings in their cars overnight, according to new research from leading
insurer, Your Cover car insurance, ( part of
Allianz Insurance.

The research showed that despite the ever present risk of car crime,
motorists appear to be content to leave expensive items in their cars and
hope the vehicle will not be broken into while they sleep.

According to the survey, the most common high value items left in
unattended cars overnight include:

    - Portable sat navs
    - MP3 players
    - Golf clubs
    - Mobile phones
    - Sun glasses
    - Cameras
    - Handbags
    - Wallets
    - DVD players
    - Jewellery

Andy James, a spokesman for Your Cover, ( which conducted the poll of
2,000 motorists said:

"People are taking a risk if they leave high value items in their cars
overnight. 53 per cent of motorists also reported that they did not always
lock their cars at night which is asking for trouble. Most insurers will
insist that items stolen from an unoccupied car such as sat navs, MP3
players, and mobile phones must be in a locked boot and the keys must be
removed from the vehicle."

He added: "People who make claims for theft from their cars risk losing
their no claims discount. Drivers could also find that they have insufficient
cover as insurers impose financial limits for items stolen from cars."

The report also identified some of the more 'unusual' items people leave
in their cars which include:

    - A spare set of false teeth
    - A dead hamster's ashes for good luck
    - Tomato ketchup
    - Sewing machine
    - Air beds
    - Vacuum cleaners
    - Board games - presumably to play in traffic jams
    - And not forgetting Harry the Lamb. (The assumption is that Harry is a
      cuddly toy and not a real Lamb!)

Male and Female Variations

As you might expect the most popular items ladies keep in their cars are
make up and spare shoes. For the men it's sports and car equipment. Men it
seems are much more likely to leave their gym shoes in the car then women
because, as one respondent delicately put it:

"My trainers smell so bad even the dog runs a mile if I bring them into
the house."

Men and women are neck and neck when it comes to leaving eight CDs in
their cars. However, women are much more likely than men to have an umbrella
in the car, but men pip the ladies when it comes to having that all important
set of spanners in the boot. Although as one male respondent put it:

"I've got a set of spanners in the boot but I've no idea what I'd do with
them if the car broke down."

1 in 3 ladies compared to 1 in 4 men confess that they consider their
cars to be a bit of a 'dumping ground' for things they did not want to keep
in the house. But perhaps the real answer as to why some people's cars are
home to so much 'stuff' is that nearly half the survey sample admitted they
had not sorted out the contents of their car at all in the last 12 months.

Notes to Editors:

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Also in July 2010, Allianz Insurance won the General Insurer of the Year
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