No 'Last Post' Worries With Mobile Christmas Card

By Mgreetings, PRNE
Monday, December 6, 2010

Send Mobile Greeting Cards Anywhere in the World in an Instant With

AMSTERDAM and LONDON, December 7, 2010 - With Christmas approaching fast, is launching a new
website that means an end to worries of missing the last post. Its brand new
range of fun and cheeky Christmas cards can all be delivered instantly to
mobile phones all round the world.

All cards can be personalised and many feature cute animated cartoon
characters who will say anything you want them to. founder Yvo
explains: "If I had a pound for every friend I'd annoyed by forgetting
to send a card on time, I'd be a rich man. But now I don't have to worry. A
few clicks of the mouse and a personalised, all-singing, all-dancing
Christmas card has been sent to my friends and family just like a text. Merry
Christmas one and all!"

Although people use their mobile phones for almost everything nowadays,
receiving postcards on it is relatively new. To send a card simply go to, select from a wide range of Christmas and other occasion
cards, add a personalised message and it will be sent instantly to any mobile
phone anywhere in the world. At the same time the e-card is sent to their
e-mail address, so the service is even available to those without a mobile.
It's also possible to schedule cards in advance to be sent on a later date.

"It's a new kind of service, taking the hassle out of Christmas cards,
avoiding problems of strikes and other delays. It's our challenge to make
this technologically possible for all kinds of mobile phones," Yvo Thal says.
"No more stress. The e-cards are sent instantly and never arrive too late.
It's really personal and people carry it with them on their cell phones all
day long." offers both free and premium cards. For sending the latter
a small fee is charged.

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on with username: free at and password:
allthefun. For further information please contact Yvo Thal at Tel: +31621535960 or e-mail: marketing at

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