Nonin Medical Announces Continua(TM) Certified USB Data Transfer Device for Its Handheld Oximeter Line

By Nonin Medical Inc., PRNE
Thursday, September 16, 2010

MINNEAPOLIS, September 17, 2010 - Nonin Medical, Inc., a leading innovator of noninvasive physiological
monitoring solutions, today has introduced its latest Continua(TM) Certified
device, the 1000USB-C USB adapter. Designed for OEM system developers, the
1000USB-C adapter enables any of Nonin's handheld oximeters to conveniently
transfer secure data in accordance with Continua Health Alliance guidelines.

The second in a line of USB adapters released by Nonin this year, the
1000USB-C adapter contains three interface ports for simple connection
between any Nonin handheld oximeter, patient sensor and receiving device.
With this advance, Continua-compliant pulse oximetry (SpO2) data can now be
securely transmitted in real time to various service providers such as health
care facilities, disease management services or personal health record
(PHR)/home telemedicine services.

Nonin's physiological monitoring products for telemedicine are the
prevailing gold standard for vital sign assessment in a wide range of chronic
diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), chronic heart
failure (CHF) and asthma. This announcement is further evidence of Nonin's
leadership position in telemedicine and commitment to the advance of
innovative, interoperable solutions designed to contain costs in the health
care market.

Since certifying the world's first Continua(TM) Certified product in
January of 2009, Nonin continues to add interoperable solutions across its
entire product line and is a proud recipient of Frost and Sullivan's 2009
North American Product Line Strategy Award in Remote Patient Monitoring.
Earlier this year, Nonin showcased its Onyx(R) II, Model 9560, the world's
first Continua Certified Bluetooth(R) fingertip pulse oximeter, as part of
the first end-to-end Continua-connected health solution with partners IBM and
Vignet. For more information on the Continua Health Alliance visit,

About Nonin Medical Inc. -

Minneapolis-based Nonin Medical, Inc. is a privately owned company
specializing in the design and manufacturing of noninvasive physiological
monitoring solutions. Nonin distributes its products to health professionals
in more than 125 countries and has over 100 OEM partners worldwide. With over
20 years of industry-leading capabilities in signal processing and sensor
design expertise, Nonin's innovative noninvasive physiological technologies
enable clinicians to accurately monitor a patient's true condition in the
most challenging environments.

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