Objet-Created Models From Blockbuster Movies Showcased at SIGGRAPH 2011

By Objet Geometries Ltd., PRNE
Monday, August 8, 2011

BILLERICA, Massachusetts, August 9, 2011 -


Objet Ltd., the innovation leader in 3D printing for rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing, will be showcasing its advanced 3D printing solutions at SIGGRAPH’s 38th International Conference and Exhibition on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques, 7 - 11 August 2011 in Vancouver, Canada. 

Objet’s newest multi-material 3D printer, the compact Objet260 Connex - based on the company’s patented inkjet 3D printing technology and the world’s only system able to jet two materials at the same time - will be on display.

Objet will be showcasing Objet-created models from two blockbuster movies: Destroyer, from the 2011 American superhero film Thor and Neytiri of the Na’vi clan from 2009’s Academy Award winning movie Avatar. The models are just a few examples of how Objet’s technology is used by Legacy Effects - an award winning, full service character design, make-up, specialty prop and animatronic studio - to help bring movie characters to life.

Jason Lopes, senior systems engineer at Legacy Effects, says that rapid prototyping has been integral to their design process since Jurassic Park 3: The Lost World. “From the moment we were introduced to Objet’s technology, we knew it would change our business,” says Lopes. “Things we had never thought of are possible with this technology. All detail is captured and nothing is ever lost or forgotten in translation. Basically, anything that we can think up, the Objet 3D printers can print within hours.”

Objet will also have several extraordinary models on hand to demonstrate the breadth and versatility of its materials, capable of simulating properties ranging from varying grades of rubber to clear transparency, all the way to rigid, ABS-grade engineering plastics. Objet currently has over 60 3D printing materials, including 51 composite materials (Digital Materials), allowing designers and engineers to print typically challenging parts.

Visitors to Objet’s booth (934) can view:

  • A model motorcycle from the workshop of Orange County Choppers - a New York-based custom and production motorcycle manufacturer featured on Discovery Channel’s American Chopper. The motorcycle was built to demonstrate the ability to adhere different Objet materials together to produce a prototype to help the team at Orange County Choppers fully understand the design intricacies of the motorcycle.
  • A fully functional skateboard, printed on an Objet Connex multi-material 3D printers which has similar high dimensional stability, thermal resistance, and toughness as ABS-grade engineering plastics, enabling it to repeatedly sustain the weight of a person.

Objet 3D printers use patented inkjet-based technology to jet ultra-thin layers of photopolymer materials onto system build trays, where each layer is cured with UV light. The process delivers models which can be handled immediately, with exceptional accuracy and allowing complex geometry, including thin walls, overhangs and even moveable parts.

Objet’s true-to-life models offer unique opportunities for the Animation and Entertainment industry. Objet looks forward to hosting SIGGRAPH attendees at the Objet Booth 934 to experience the latest in 3D printing systems and materials.  

Resources for Editors

  • Objet260 Connex video
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