OpenERP News: Map View of Data by Camptocamp

By Openerp And Camptocamp, PRNE
Tuesday, April 12, 2011

GENEVA, April 13, 2011 - <<MAPS ARE COOL>>, said Luc Maurer, Camptocamp's founder and
director, when presenting the integration of maps in OpenERP.

As Confucius once said: <<A picture is worth a thousand
words>>. This is exactly what Camptocamp achieved by adding the geographical
dimension as a new analytical tool within an ERP.

Camptocamp's Business Solutions and Geospatial Solutions teams
have merged their long-term technical competencies and experiences to create
a unique and exclusive geolocation component for OpenERP. These developments
allow, among other things, to display customers within a precise location, to
analyze sales figures for a selected country, to visualize different logistic
flows, and to provide maps for any other data available in OpenERP.

Users can place simple marks, graphs, and colors per
geographical area, as well as calculate distances and surfaces. This map view
opens unlimited Geo-BI (Geographic Business Intelligence) possibilities to
companies using OpenERP.

Camptocamp pledges that this is only the beginning. By adding
this new dimension to the core of OpenERP, the user will carry out effortless
following business applications:

- Geographical queries and filters (ex: list of the last sales
made within 10km of point of sales);

- Geo-marketing (ex: customer areas analysis, direct

- Logistics optimization (ex: stock location);

- Improvement of distribution flows (ex: find shorter way to
deliver customers);

- Fleet management (vehicles, boats, etc..);

- Dashboards;

- Crises management.

As of today, no other ERP provides this functionality as an
integrated view solution. With this breakthrough, Camptocamp demonstrates the
benefits of Open Source communitarian development.

Come discover these developments as well as the connector
OpenERP and the e-shop Magento at the 2011 eCom conference taking place on
May 24 in Geneva (Switzerland):


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About Camptocamp SA

Created in 2001, Camptocamp is an editor and integrator of
Open Source Software specializing in three main areas: Geospatial, Business
et Infrastructure. Based on the confirmed competencies of its founding
members in new information technologies and on an extremely sharp technical
know-how of its experts, our company offers a complete set of services
(Consulting, R&D, Training, Support) in Europe.

About OpenERP SA

OpenERP S.A. is a leading Open Source Business Application
Suite vendor. The OpenERP strategy is based on a unique ecosystem which
combines the resources of the community, its partner's network and editors.

Press contact at Camptocamp SA, Luc Maurer, Tel: +41-21-619-10-12, press at; Press contact at OpenERP SA, Nicoleta Gherlea, Tel: +32-2-290-34-93, press at

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