TelChina and China Mobile to Build Mobile Payment Solution With .tel

By Telnic Limited, PRNE
Tuesday, April 12, 2011

LONDON, April 13, 2011 - Telnic Limited (, the registry operator for
the .tel top level domain (TLD), today announced that its regional partner
TelChina ( and China Mobile (, one of the world's largest mobile phone
companies, have entered into a strategic relationship to develop Mobile-Pay
services on the .tel platform.

Lucy Wang, CEO of TelChina, said: "As .tel combines advantages
of both the Internet and telecommunications, it will be able to provide an
efficient and integrated communications platform for customers of China
Mobile in the future. The engagement levels of .tel owners will also bring
new vitality to Mobile-Pay, attracting more people to use their mobile phones
in making payments, which in turn will increase revenues for operators."

Project development will be divided into several phases. The
first phase is expected to be live in early May, which will enable China
Mobile customers to purchase and renew their .tel names via a Mobile-Pay
portal using their mobile devices. Following the implementation of the mobile
payment solution, users will also be able to use their China Mobile credits
to pay in part or full for their .tel names later this year.

Mr. Xie Gang, China Mobile's Mobile-Pay spokes person said:
"Mobile-Pay is migrating from its 1.0 era, which is mainly based on SMS, to
its 2.0 era, which is based on WAP and sensor-based terminals. This
collaboration with TelChina will not only help customers simplify the payment
process, but also provide an optimized platform for China Mobile services. On
this platform, users will not have to log on to various websites for payment,
but accomplish it through the clicking of a Mobile-Pay link on a .tel page."

China Mobile will also create a dedicated channel for .tel
users to easily pay for online purchases and paying for utility bills and
cable TV subscriptions. As a key e-commerce project supported by the country,
China Mobile's Mobile-Pay enjoys a unique advantage. Utilizing China Mobile's
PSTN and IP network, through web, SMS, WAP and IVR interfaces, users can
fulfill e-commerce operations such as opening an account, checking their
balance, submitting payments and withdrawing cash, without queuing in line at
a counter and filling in complex paperwork.

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