OPTICOM First to Report Mobile Benchmark Ranking Based on New 'POLQA' Test Method at Mobile World Congress

By Opticom, PRNE
Thursday, February 10, 2011

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ERLANGEN, Germany, February 11, 2011 - MWC Barcelona Hall 1 B 39 — At this year's Mobile World Congress,
OPTICOM premieres a range of OEM products implementing POLQA, a new voice
quality test method just adopted as International Standard ITU-T P.863 in
January 2011. The global provider for voice and video testing technology will
also present results of the very first field evaluation which employed the
new standard technique to benchmark real life mobile-to-mobile call quality,
throughout Germany, including the four major mobile operators. The data was
originally gathered for a Quality-of-Experience benchmark published by the
popular 'connect' magazine, which elects Germany's best mobile network
operator once a year. Together with P3 Communications, the engineering
service provider behind the tests, OPTICOM investigated the application of
POLQA/P.863 and unveils the first observations.

POLQA represents the next-generation of voice quality testing technology
for fixed, mobile and IP-based networks and can be applied to HD Voice, 3G
and 4G/LTE. POLQA will be the successor for PESQ/P.862, which has evolved as
the most successful industry standard for voice testing with more than 20,000
licensed test systems used in mobile networks around the globe.

OPTICOM's CTO and standards developer Dipl.-Ing. Christian Schmidmer
says: "One of the most motivating experiences is hearing experts in the field
already recognising POLQA as a major step forward for optimizing next-gen
mobile communications. POLQA performs up to 56% better than PESQ, opens new
application areas and eliminates weak points, encountered with other

During the development of the new POLQA standard, more than 100,000
fixed, mobile and VoIP test calls were gathered by experts from all over the
world, thus representing the largest and most accurate database ever used in
the development of a perceptual quality algorithm. The POLQA perceptual
measurement algorithm is a joint development of OPTICOM, SwissQual and TNO,
made available as licensed software for various platforms.

Also available at this year's MWC premiere, OPTICOM offers its POLQA
Q-App in a mobile form factor for Android Smartphones. The Q-App
implementation of POLQA runs as fast as real-time on commercially available
Smartphones and complements OPTICOM's PESQ/P.862 Q-App for Android, Symbian
and Windows Mobile.

Right from the start, OPTICOM offers mobile manufacturers, T&M vendors
and operators tailored OEM license programs for standard setting POLQA
reference implementations.


OPTICOM GmbH is the leading vendor for Voice, Audio and Video quality
measurement technology and OEM products for the analysis of Mobile and
IP-based networks. Since its foundation as a spin-off from Fraunhofer's MP3
development team, the pioneers in perceptual quality testing have
continuously been providing International world-class standards for
audiovisual quality evaluation, including PESQ, PEAQ and PEVQ, and now also
source POLQA.

For 15 years, the Perceptual Quality Experts from Germany have been
striving to evangelize a growing community of soft- and hardware developers,
network operators and quality assurance people, how to properly assess
digital networks, carrying Voice, high-quality Audio and Video.

OPTICOM's proven OEM technology can be found in most state-of-the-art
products, including the Who's Who of the Test &Measurement and Telecom's


OPTICOM, Mrs. Linda Polster, +49-(0)9131-53020-0, or +49-(0)160-978-215-27 (Trade show floor), info at opticom.de

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