Oracle Financial Services Revenue Management and Billing Running with Oracle Exadata Database Machine Delivers Extreme Performance

Monday, September 19, 2011

SIBOS, TORONTO – Sept. 19, 2011

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Oracle today released the results of performance tests demonstrating that Oracle Financial Services Revenue Management and Billing 2.2 ( running with Oracle Exadata Database Machine X2-2 ( can deliver unprecedented performance and scalability for financial services organizations seeking to implement real-time relationship pricing, consolidate multiple billing engines within business divisions, rapidly process large transaction volumes and render bills faster, whether online or in printed form to customers.

Oracle Financial Services Revenue Management and Billing running on a full rack Oracle Exadata Database Machine processed more than 1 billion transactions in under five hours and 100 million monthly invoices in 13 hours.
To process and prepare bills, the application needs to validate, map, aggregate and price the financial transactions sourced from various systems according to the contract with the customer. In the test, a billion transactions were validated, mapped and aggregated into 200 million transaction groups. These groups were then priced into billable charges. Running on Oracle Exadata Database Machine, the application priced 9,523 billable charges per second, enabling financial services organizations to process pricing requests for 100 million accounts in six hours. Ultimately 100 million bills can be generated in a single monthly run using a 13 hour batch window.
The solution, engineered on Oracle technology, provides the scalability and processing power that financial services organizations require to implement a reliable processing platform, deliver invoices on time and help manage revenues by product line.

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“The results from the performance tests of Oracle Financial Services Revenue Management and Billing running with Oracle Exadata Database Machine open new customer service and relationship possibilities for financial service organizations of all sizes. Now banks can certainly enjoy the upside of the revenue and lower revenue leakages,” said Ashwin Goyal, group vice president, Oracle Financial Services. “Leveraging the highly scalable billing appliance, banks can confidently consolidate and support advanced, personalized billing that takes into account all of a customer’s activity across products, regions and billing cycles.”

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