Ixonos Showcases its Extensive MeeGo(TM) Expertise on Intel(R) Architecture at Mobile World Congress 2011

By Ixonos Plc, PRNE
Sunday, February 13, 2011

HELSINKI, February 14, 2011 - Ixonos, a world leader in creating wireless technologies, software and
solutions for mobile devices and services, showcases its extensive
MeeGo(TM) expertise at the Mobile World Congress 2011 in Barcelona, Spain.
Ixonos holds a unique skill set in delivering unparalleled solutions, user
experiences and innovative devices, which run on MeeGo and its predecessors
Maemo and Moblin(TM), as well as on a variety of other operating systems on
a multitude of devices.

At the Mobile World Congress on 14-17 February, Ixonos demonstrates an
Intel(R) Atom(TM) processor based tabletprototype,based on MeeGo v1.1. The
demonstration includes an end-to-end application solution that Ixonos has
developed for this showcase, including the application development, user
experience design and hosting possibilities.

"This is only one example of our development achievements since the
announcement of our support for Intel(R) architecture-handheld platforms in
the end of last year. We appreciate the opportunity to showcase our company,
our MeeGo expertise and cooperation with Intel also at the MeeGo Pavilion in
the Congress," says Mr. Antti Aumo, Vice President, Global Solutions, at

"MeeGo's open and flexible software platform on Intel architecture gives
mobile device manufacturers both the freedom and the powerful capabilities to
deliver exciting user experiences," says Ram Peddibhotla, system software
marketing director, Intel Corporation, and adds: "Intel welcomes Ixonos and
other system integrators to the MeeGo ecosystem to use its deep software and
solutions expertise to help manufacturers achieve differentiation and faster

"Over 200 of our experts are currently working in different MeeGo
projects that vary from integration to testing, and from design to service
development. We have over 250 employees with solid experience in Mobile Linux
and Qt development," Mr. Antti Aumo mentions. "To showcase our end-to-end
capabilities at the Mobile World Congress, we arranged an internal MeeGo
application development competition to entice developers to create new
applications. The competition was receivedwith great enthusiasm by the
employees," he goes on.

"Ixonos is at the cutting edge of mobile, smartphone and smart device
design, building complete and innovative products and services. Ixonos is a
visionary partner to its customers, reducing the time-to-market of new
products and bringing a full set of services from new product innovation to
software development, mechanical engineering and electronics design," Mr.
Aumo concludes.


    - Ixonos' website: www.ixonos.com

    - Mobile World Congress:www.mobileworldcongress.com (Ixonos Booth:
    Hall 1, #1E19)

    - Ixonos Online Press kit at MWC2011:

Ixonos (www.ixonos.com) is an ICT services company creating
innovative solutions for mobility, social media and digital services.
Together with our customers we develop products and services which let people
enjoy inspiring digital experience, anyplace, anytime. Our client
organizations benefit from new business opportunities and new productivity.We
have offices in Finland, China, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Great Britain,
Slovakia and the U.S. IxonosPlc is listed on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki. The
company's turnover in 2010 was 84.9 MEUR and operating profit 5.3 MEUR.

About the MeeGo Project

The MeeGo project combines Intel's Moblin(TM) and Nokia's Maemo projects
into one Linux-based, open source software platform for the next generation
of computing devices. The MeeGo software platform is designed to give
developers the broadest range of device segments to target for their
applications, including netbooks and entry-level desktops, handheld computing
and communications devices, in-vehicle infotainment devices, connected TVs,
media phones and more - all using a uniform set of APIs based on Qt. For
consumers, MeeGo will offer innovative application experiences that they can
take from device to device. The MeeGo project is hosted by the Linux
Foundation. For more information on MeeGo, visit www.meego.com.

    For more information, please contact:


    - Antti Aumo, Vice President, Global Solutions, tel. +358-40-505-0477,

    - Antti Vuolli, Director, Key Customer Accounts, MeeGo,
    tel. +358-50-487-4172, antti.vuolli@ixonos.com

    - Nigel Alexander, EMEA Sales Director, tel. +44-783-148-5081,

Antti Aumo, Vice President, Global Solutions, tel. +358-40-505-0477, antti.aumo at ixonos.com Antti Vuolli, Director, Key Customer Accounts, MeeGo, tel. +358-50-487-4172, antti.vuolli at ixonos.com

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