PriceMinister Launches Special Voucher to Help Boost Sales of UK Indie Record Labels

By Priceminister, PRNE
Monday, August 22, 2011

LONDON, August 23, 2011 -

PriceMinister has launched a discount voucher to help support some of the UK indie record labels that have been left in a critical position after the burning down of the PIAS distribution warehouse in the London Riots.

The warehouse contained the physical stock for many of Britain’s Indie records labels and the subsequent loss of stock, income and cash flow problems might be enough to push many of the smaller operators out of business.  Increasing sales together with financial aid are critical to help UK Independent music labels recoup potentially fatal losses and continue distribution.

Physical retail is still absolutely vital to the survival of many UK independent record labels. To help contribute to this cause PriceMinister have created 600 LOVEINDIE vouchers to discount the cost of these labels to fans by a £7 thus encouraging the vital increased purchases.

All fans have to do is select a record published by one of the labels affected, enter LOVEINDIE into the discount filed on the checkout page and £7 will be deducted from their total bill.  There is no minimum purchase, 1 voucher per user, limited to 600 vouchers and includes free standard UK delivery.

The independent labels whose musical assets were stored in the 20,000 square meter space in North London provide a creative cornerstone to British music. Fans of the independent labels who lost stock and their distribution network through the fire are rallying to drum up support. In the days that followed the fire, groups of passionate supporters set up many charities and initiatives in an attempt to help.

Oliver Moss at PriceMinister said: “Independent labels still, and hopefully always will - have a major part to play in British pop and culture.  Their sheer passion alone for their line of work makes up for any lack of resources. However, therein lies the crux of the problem. Last week’s events are stretching limited resources to the limit and it’s looking likely some of the smaller labels may not have the capabilities to fight back. Our goal with this small campaign is to ease the strain, however lightly, and help secure the future of independent music distribution in the UK.”

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