Prostate Surgery Need Not Cost Men Their Sex Lives Says Prostate Centre

By Crwe Newswire, PRNE
Friday, June 17, 2011

LONDON, June 18, 2011 -

Men worried that prostate surgery will automatically mean an end
to their sex lives are mistaken and shouldn’t be put off seeking
medical help, according to experts at The Prostate Centre in

The Centre, run by Professor Roger Kirby - one of the world’s
leading prostate specialists- says that the majority of men it sees
are able to continue their sex lives beyond surgery.  It
believes that, in addition to a whole host of other medications and
devices*, psycho-sexual counselling can play a vital role in
helping men get their sex lives back on track.

According to Lorraine Grover, the Centre’s expert in
psycho-sexual counselling, many men are worried that surgery will

  • That they have a reduced sex drive or, worse, no sex drive at
  • That they won’t be able to ‘perform’ in the bedroom
  • That their wife or partner may be more likely to have an
  • That, if single, they will not be able to attract a partner or
    have a relationship again

But, having spent over 17 years treating men with prostate
problems, Mrs Grover says that: “On average, 8 out of 10 men I
see who have had prostate surgery continue having sex lives
afterwards.  Psycho-sexual counselling, in addition to a wide
range of medications and devices*, plays a key role in helping men
address these sorts of fears. That
s why men
t ignore prostate problems, but get
themselves checked out.

Psycho-sexual counselling can help men:

  •  Reintroduce intimacy into their relationship after
  •  Recognise and overcome fears over sexual performance
  •  Make sense of their sex lives and the role it plays in
    their relationship; and

 Gain confidence to address and manage the consequences of
their operation 

Professor Roger Kirby, internationally renowned prostate surgeon
and founder of The Prostate Centre, adds:

I see around 1000 men with prostate cancer every year
and would urge anyone with a prostate concern to seek help
immediately and not be put off treatment for fear of never having
sex again.

Prostate cancer kills 10,000 men every year in the UK and every
15 minutes a man is diagnosed. Saturday 18 June is Prostate Cancer
Awareness day.

Notes to editors

*Multiple medical and mechanical treatment options include:

  •  Tablets (PED 5 inhibitors) - Viagra, Cialis, Levitra -
    all need sexual stimulation to work
  •  MUSE - small waxy grain of rice sized pellet inside a
    plastic applicator which is inserted into the penis to leave the
    pellet in the penis
  • Injection therapy - Caverject (Prostaglandin E1) - a
    fine needle inserted into the shaft of penis and injects a measured
    amount of the drug
  •  Vacuum device - a cylinder placed over the penis,
    attached to it are a pump and specially designed constriction ring.
    The pump stiffens the penis and ring helps to hold the
  • Penile implant - “bendy rods” or inflatable systems

  1. Lorraine Grover is a Therapist in Sexual Wellbeing and
    qualified in 1984 as a registered nurse, going onto specialise in
    male sexual health alongside qualifying as a sex therapist. She is
    a member of the British Association of Sexual Therapists, trustee
    of the Sexual Dysfunction Association and Specialist Advisor to
    Macmillan Cancer Support. She contributes to international
    conferences on sexual health and has published numerous articles
    and books, including the recent ‘Intimacy and Sexuality for cancer
    patients and their partners’ She is available for interview on
  2. Professor Roger Kirby is one of the world’s leading
    prostate surgeons and founder of the Prostate Centre. He has
    specialised in the prostate throughout his career and has
    personally undertaken over 2000 radical prostatectomy operations.
    His views are regularly sought by the media, industry and national
    bodies and he is the founder/editor of the journal Prostate Cancer
    and Prostatic Diseases as well as associate editor of the British
    Journal of Urology International. As well as his work at the
    Prostate Centre he is actively involved with prostate cancer
    charities and was the chairman of Prostate UK for 13 years,
    stepping down to become trustee of the newly merged charity,
    Prostate Action, in 2010. He is available for interview
    on request
  3. A case study of one of the youngest men ever in the UK
    to develop prostate cancer who was treated by Lorraine Grover is
    available on request
  4. The Prostate Centre is the UK’s leading independent centre for
    the care and treatment of prostate-related health issues.

    The Prostate Centre is a unique private outpatient clinic offering
    expert assessment, diagnosis and management of all prostate-related
    problems. If a man has a prostate problem or even if he’d just like
    to have a check up, The Prostate Centre is the place to go.

    It has some of the world’s leading prostate experts all under one
    roof in the centre of London’s Harley Street community. Prostate
    cancer, enlarged prostate, poor urinary flow, raised PSA (Prostate
    Specific Antigen), painful prostate, impaired sexual function -
    these are some of the many conditions to which they devote their

    Over 75% of patients who go to the Centre do not need an operation:
    it offers a wide range of treatment strategies and involves the
    patient in the thought process. Advice is given on diet and
    lifestyle which often results in a positive impact on their
    prostate problem. The Centre was an initiative launched by
    Professor Roger Kirby.

    Over the past six years The Prostate Centre has welcomed nearly
    8000 patients and received overwhelmingly positive feedback.


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