The Connected Hospital Crucial Part of the Healthcare Blueprint for Africa

By Iqpc Middle East, PRNE
Thursday, June 16, 2011

JOHANNESBURG, June 17, 2011 -

With double-digit growth in healthcare over the past two years
both globally and within the emerging markets, African region
witnesses a shift towards a holistic, high-tech approach on new
hospital facilities.

To support patient needs and to improve service delivery,
Africa’s hospitals are outlining new and innovative models of
facilities design. These patient-centric models not only integrate
traditional healthcare software services but also assert
connectivity as a key factor for sustainable health facilities
development and in bettering the quality of care. Information
technology can help to achieve effective healthcare by tackling the
fundamental issues typical to emerging markets: patient access and
integrity of patient data. More on the value and business models of
connectivity in healthcare will be introduced at the 2nd
Annual Health Facilities Design and Development Africa Summit by
Debra Sloane, Healthcare Lead for Emerging Markets, Cisco. The
summit will also explore in detail the newly released South African
National Health Insurance white paper and how this will affect the
application of design, construction and equipping of hospital
facilities. While reviewing hospital developments already in motion
in South Africa and Botswana the summit outlines a blueprint for
healthcare facility planning, construction, commissioning and

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