Boris Johnson Meets London Companies in South Africa

By Trimega Laboratories, PRNE
Thursday, June 17, 2010

CAPE TOWN, South Africa, June 18, 2010 - The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, today (18.610) met with
London companies operating in South Africa as part of his five-day
fact-finding mission into hosting major international sporting events.

The companies, which met the Mayor at Input Media's
spectacular World Cup studio on the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town, included
Trimega Laboratories which is headquartered in the City (Old Bailey) and
operates substance abuse testing services around the world.

West London's Input Media, which counts the Football Association and Uefa
Champions League as broadcast clients, has invested GBP1m into the
broadcasting facilities in South Africa. The studio is being used by
broadcasters - such Sky Sports - that are not rights holders of the

Meanwhile, Trimega'a South African clients include some of the
country's biggest employers - 1Time Airlines, DeBeers, BHP Billiton and
Transnet - and it is well-known for having introduced the DrugAlyzer(TM)
which it launched by conducting the country's only roadside drug testing
project to date.

Back in the UK, Trimega offers revolutionary hair testing
services which can detect traces of drugs ingested over a 6 month period -
including the use of anabolic steroids among athletes. This, it claims,
provides a far more reliable alternative to urine samples and will help rid
doping from sports.

Avi Lasarow, CEO of Trimega Laboratories, said: "It was really
useful for the Mayor to hear what we've achieved in South Africa in terms of
drug testing. The Drugalyzer speaks for itself and hair testing, from a
practical point of view, is much easier to handle in the 'chain of custody'
than urine or blood as it does not need to be stored under any special
conditions. For athletes it also avoids the embarrassment of official
chaperones observing urine collection and means the controversial Whereabouts
Rule would become obsolete."

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