Protect Your Clothing This Hot Summer With Pristine Moth Deterrent

Monday, May 2, 2011

LONDON, May 3, 2011 - Warm summers have been causing a record number of moths to appear in the
UK over the past couple of years and with the April month recording as the
hottest ever in over a century, protect your clothing this season with ( and our fantastic Moth deterrent
( product.

Experts have warned that the warm summertime means bumper amounts of
moths to be present and latest figures show that Britain has its hottest
April since records began 100 years ago, beating all sun and heat accounts to

So protect your prized clothes and keep them in perfect condition this
summer with Pristine's brilliant Moth repellent (

Colibri natural anti-moth safeguards your favourite cashmere and wool
garments giving protection without the nasty smell or health risks of
mothballs. Made from a complex blend of essential oils in a sandal wood base,
the sachets can be merely placed in the bottom of a wardrobe or draw before
the hot months to provide a natural guard; nothing could be simpler!

Developed by observing which plants in nature organically repel insects,
Colibri has been named as divine smelling by The Times newspaper and as one
of the top 50 household products ever by The Independent- a necessity for
each and every British home.

All natural and available in three gorgeous fragrances, the anti-moth
repellent can last up to six months. Pop it in your wardrobe before the start
of the summer and you don't have to give it a second thought; just enjoy the
radiant weather and have fun. And for lasting and constant protection use
Colibri all year round.

So grab our current top seller at the bargain price of under a fiver and
protect your clothing this season with our expert help.

ABOUT US has scoured the market to bring you all the best clothes
care products you need to keep your garments in pristine condition.

We offer free UK postage on all orders and have everything you could
possibly need to look after your outfits and keep them in perfect form
ranging from clothes brushes, clothes covers and hangers to lint rollers and
moth repellent.

Contact: Lauren Oldland, +44(0)1772-781-830

Contact: Lauren Oldland, +44(0)1772-781-830; lauren at

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