ReadyDrive Provides Long Term Car Rentals For Less in the US

By Readydrive, PRNE
Wednesday, April 20, 2011

WOODBURY, New York, April 21, 2011 - The US car rental industry has several competing companies that offer
different rates and services to prospecting renters. International AutoSource
is pleased to announce that you can rent a car for 30 days or more at
significant savings through ReadyDrive. As a result of unique relationships
with our auto rental partners, ReadyDrive is able to offer the same package
deals as other leading car rental programs with 50% savings in price.

The Problem With Other Corporate Rental Programs- Other programs
determine the cost of a car rental based on several factors, including the
length of rental and the type of car. Unfortunately for the renter, this
amount does not include the insurance costs. Initially, renters may feel like
they are getting a good deal when in reality they end up with an entire extra
cost added onto their bill that was not discussed upfront. Plus, not being
adequately covered may result in renters feeling unprotected against
accidents in the event one should occur. Rental rates can also increase
depending on peak seasonal costs and the number of drivers per rental

The Solution- ReadyDrive offers a flexible, flat rate for long term car
rentals including insurance. With savings up to 50% versus any other top tier
corporate rental program, renters will know all costs upfront. These costs
are the same throughout the year, so renters do not have to worry about price
spikes during peak seasons. Spouses and co workers are also permitted to
share rental vehicles, providing plenty of driving options and flexibility
when booking the rental. Renters save hundreds on the rental cost and they
are able to define budgets and confirm expenses ahead of time making it easy
to manage budgets effectively.

The added benefit of including insurance coverage gives renters the
security of protection without paying deductibles and other costs resulting
from damages to a car should an unfortunate incident occur. By including
insurance, assets are protected and potential corporate exposure is reduced.

Save time and resources by having ReadyDrive handle all your rental needs
through our full-service program. Our experienced staff will handle all the
details of your rental booking and have the vehicle waiting when and where
you need it. For more information, contact us at or
visit to get a free quote on long-term rental

    Contact:   Afia Arneja
               International AutoSource


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