Really Simple Systems’ Free CRM Solution Hits 10,000 Users

By Really Simple Systems, PRNE
Tuesday, July 19, 2011

LONDON, July 20, 2011 -

Cloud CRM
Exceeds Expectations and Continues to

Really Simple Systems - href="">
- Europe’s largest vendor of href="">Cloud
CRM systems, today announces that it has now signed up 10,000
new Cloud CRM users to Really Simple Systems’ Free Edition href="">web based
CRM service.

When the href="">Free CRM
Edition of the web based CRM solution was launched in October 2010,
Really Simple Systems’ CEO John Paterson said that the company had
a target of 10,000 free CRM users inside 12 months. Paterson
comments, “Nine months later and that figure has already been
exceeded. I think with the acceleration in growth, user take-up
will be closer to 15,000 by the time the product has been on the
market for a year.”

Really Simple Systems’ Free Edition is a free two-user, hosted
CRM system that covers the complete sales process from initial
enquiry to task management and pipeline reporting. Paterson
continues, “Free Edition was launched as part of Really Simple
Systems’ strategy to be the largest global CRM vendor in terms of
users within the next three years. This milestone is the first big
step on the way to achieving that and we are incredibly pleased
with the overwhelmingly positive response there has been to the
launch in such a short space of time.”

And it is not just Really Simple Systems’ free solution that is
experiencing impressive take up. There are now 180 users of the new
Premium Edition and 2,000 users of the Enterprise Edition.

Paterson adds, “By focussing on what people really need and ease
of use, Really Simple Systems is delivering CRM to small and medium
sized businesses without the expense of a high touch sales and
support process, passing this saving to the customer. Cloud
Computing is replacing expensive and complex enterprise software
systems with easy to use products such as web based CRM at consumer

Free Edition cloud CRM supports up to 100 Accounts and 100Mb of
document storage with the opportunity for users to add more
features, users and storage by upgrading to Premium Edition. Once
users reach the limit of what can be achieved within the boundaries
of the Free CRM and Premium editions, they can upgrade to Really
Simple Systems Enterprise Edition for Marketing, Customer Service
& Support and the Really Simple Systems API (Application
Programme Interface).

About Really Simple Systems

Really Simple Systems Cloud CRM and Free CRM is aimed at small
and medium sized organisations with between 2 and 200 people who
want a straightforward web based CRM sales, marketing and support
system. The hosted model is particularly suitable for companies
with multiple locations and sales people who work remotely or at
home. Really Simple Systems, winner of EuroCloud 2011 and the
Software Satisfaction Awards in 2008, 2010 and shortlisted for
2011, is the largest European provider of hosted CRM systems. Users
include the Royal Academy of Arts, the British Museum, the Red
Cross, NHS and the Department for Environment as well as many small
and medium sized companies.

For further information, please contact:
John Paterson
Really Simple Systems
Tel: +44(0)1730-823300
Twitter: href="">@ReallySimpleSys

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Tel: +44(0)1932-578800


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