New ZigBee Smart Energy Version 1.1 Now Available

By Zigbee Alliance, PRNE
Tuesday, July 19, 2011

SAN RAMON, California, July 20, 2011 -

Newly ZigBee
Certified products join ZigBee Smart Energy lineup more than 100
products strong

The ZigBee® Alliance, a global ecosystem of organizations
creating wireless solutions for use in energy management,
residential, commercial and consumer applications, today announced
that an update to ZigBee Smart Energy™ version 1, the first and
only widely available Advanced Metering Infrastructure standard, is
now available for product development and public download.

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ZigBee Smart Energy is the industry leading standard helping to
create greener homes by giving consumers the information and
automation they need to easily reduce their energy consumption and
save money. ZigBee Smart Energy version 1.1 adds several important
features including dynamic pricing enhancements, tunneling of other
protocols, prepayment features, over-the-air updates and backwards
compatibility with certified ZigBee Smart Energy products version
1.0. These features not only make it easier for consumers to use,
but also make it ideal for utilities and energy service providers
to deploy and operate. Plus, the over-the-air update feature
enables easy upgrades to existing installations.

Pike Research projects a $26.1 billion global market for smart
energy devices and appliances by 2019, and anticipates that ZigBee
will lead in wireless connections to smart appliances.
Additionally, ON World estimates that ZigBee Smart Energy will
account for half of global revenues for home energy management
equipment and services, aggressively projected at $3.3 billion by
2014, among both wired and wireless systems.

“The new features of ZigBee Smart Energy reflect real-world
Smart Grid experience gained from the millions of implementations
of ZigBee Smart Energy in the market today,” said Bob Heile,
chairman of the ZigBee Alliance. “ZigBee Smart Energy products that
have been ZigBee Certified make it easy for utilities and
governments to deploy smart home solutions that are secure,
easy-to-install, interoperable and most importantly, consumer

Utilities and consumers can select from a growing list of
interoperable ZigBee Smart Energy Certified products ranging from
thermostats to meters. The new ZigBee Smart Energy 1.1 products
below have been independently verified to be fully interoperable
and have earned the right to be branded with the ZigBee Certified
logo and the ZigBee Smart Energy icon on product packaging and
advertisements. These marks are designed to clearly communicate
interoperability. For a full list of features and product photos,
or to download this standard, please visit href="">

  • Alektrona Corporation: Z-Aperture Energy Management Hub
    is an open energy management hub allowing energy
    solution providers to build best of breed energy management systems
    that best meets their customers’ needs and budget.
  • Cooper Power Systems : UtilityPRO is a Honeywell
    touchscreen programmable thermostat designed for utility-sponsored
    demand response programs and is equipped with a Cooper demand
    response module.
  • Digi International: ConnectPort X2 ESP is an energy
    services portal enabling energy service providers to deploy HAN
    devices controlled over broadband or cellular connection, allowing
    Smart Grid services to be deployed in areas not covered by Smart
    Metering networks.
  • Ember Corporation: EM35x Development Kit can be used for
    EM351 and EM357 system-on-chips (SoC) or Network Co-Processor based
  • Elster Solutions: REX2 / gREX Meter is an advanced
    meter supporting emerging needs of smart grid initiatives, such as
    enhanced memory, greater security and remote upgradeability.
  • MMB Research:  RapidSE is a drop-in platform that
    fully automates ZigBee Smart Energy and is easily adapted to OEMs’
    existing protocols, allowing device manufacturers to leapfrog
    application development and rapidly deliver products to multiple

ZigBee Smart Energy - The Standard for
Smart Metering and Energy Management in Home Area Networks

ZigBee Smart Energy enables energy service providers and
utilities to wirelessly communicate with and manage common
household devices such as smart thermostats, in-home displays and
appliances. It improves energy efficiency by allowing consumers the
means to manage their energy consumption more precisely using
automation and near real-time information. Consumers have the
ability to choose from more than 100 ZigBee Certified products
using ZigBee Smart Energy to save money and energy. It also helps
utilities and energy providers implement new advanced metering and
demand response programs to drive greater energy management and
efficiency, while responding to changing government requirements.
For more information and a list of ZigBee Certified products,
visit: href="">

ZigBee: Control your world

ZigBee offers green and global wireless standards connecting the
widest range of devices to work together intelligently and help you
control your world. The ZigBee Alliance is an open, non-profit
association of approximately 400 organizations driving development
of innovative, reliable and easy-to-use ZigBee standards. The
Alliance promotes worldwide adoption of ZigBee as the leading
wirelessly networked, sensing and control standard for use in
consumer, commercial and industrial areas. For more information,
visit: href="">

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