comScore Announces New Client for Its Digital Analytix Service

By Comscore Inc., PRNE
Tuesday, July 19, 2011

LONDON, July 20, 2011 -

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Flexibility and Advanced Capabilities of Digital Analytix Named As
Primary Reasons for Selection

comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR), a leader in measuring the digital
world, today announced that the BBC chose comScore Digital Analytix
as its preferred web analytics provider. Following an in-depth
review of a long list of potential providers, the tender has been
awarded to comScore Digital Analytix for its flexibility and ease
of implementation.

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comScore was chosen as they fulfilled all requirements specified
in the tender, including the need for a solution that was flexible
and highly scalable.  With content on multiple platforms it
was important that it could be treated as one site or multiple
sites, depending on the business needs at that moment in time. It
was also specified that it is important to enrich the data post
collection and with Digital Analytix it is possible to add or
change variables or labels in the future and essentially go back in
time. As the comScore approach is to work on raw, unaggregated data
this meant there is full flexibility and no blind spots. The
advantage of this approach is the possibility to do any amends
without contacting the dedicated comScore account manager and
without any cost implications. Furthermore it has been recognized
that while migrating to a new web analytics solution can be a large
and laborious undertaking, progress has been made through effective
collaboration, resulting in a relatively fast implementation for a
project of this size. comScore has also delivered metrics and
reports that provide valuable insight to the BBC’s business. For
the wide and diverse range of content and platforms, a flexible web
analytics solution was needed.  In comScore a flexible and
very supportive partner was found and comScore even developed a new
feature called Virtual Sites to meet the specific business

Virtual Sites Feature Allows Dynamic
View of Content

A new and growing need in the web analytics space is a solution
for ‘Virtual Sites’. A virtual site is not one that technically
exists, but is rather one that clients create with elements from
various locations of a larger online content, this could include
web, mobile, connected devices and social commerce. The ability to
parse and combine site elements is crucial for publishers to
measure the entire audience of a television program, for example,
where content may be spread over several website locations and

The foundation of the new Virtual Sites feature is comScore’s
underlying Digital Analytix Atomix technology, which allows access
to unaggregated data sets that can be manipulated from their raw
form to address any business question. This gives analysts the
ability to run reports and create new user segments on the fly to
deliver the insights they need. Virtual Sites will enhance
publishers’ ability to tie higher level marketing strategies to
actual conversion, providing a truly unified view of digital
consumer behaviour. The Virtual Sites feature was developed by
comScore especially for the BBC, but is now available to all
comScore Digital Analytix clients.

“comScore is continually looking to improve its products based
on clients’ needs. Accordingly, we strive to offer the most
technologically advanced and flexible web analytics solution on the
market. Our underlying Atomix technology is a true game changer for
web analysts and is the foundation for many new features to come,”
said Wolf Allisat, EVP and GM International of comScore. “Web
analytics requires a significant investment and we want to ensure
that our clients have actionable insight and all the tools they
need to measure their audience today and in the future.”

Continued Innovation for Digital

Innovations developed are part of a larger effort by comScore to
provide forward-looking web analytics solutions to the market.
 Developments such as integrated multivariate testing, video
measurement, connected device measurement, application (app)
measurement for iOS, Android and RIM, are crucial for our clients
to achieve their business objectives, and therefore are core to the

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