Red Stallion Interactive Forms to Develop and Distribute Interactive Entertainment Across Arabian Gulf Region

By Red Stallion Interactive Digital Development Management, PRNE
Monday, September 26, 2011

DOHA, Qatar; MANAMA, Bahrain and NORTHAMPTON, Massachusetts, September 27, 2011 -


Today Digital Development Management (DDM), the world’s leading business and talent agency for video games and digital entertainment, announced it has joined forces with Arabian Gulf based Trans Technologies, LLC to form Red Stallion Interactive, LLC a new publisher devoted to developing and distributing interactive entertainment across the Arabian Gulf region. Red Stallion will have offices located in Doha, Qatar; Manama, The Kingdom of Bahrain; and Northampton, MA. DDM will serve as Senior Advisors and operational manager to Red Stallion, providing expertise and business strategies based in the West to address the growing appetite for high quality game entertainment across the Arabian Gulf and Middle East region. The announcement was made by Chairman of AMJ Projects, W.L.L., Dr. Mohamed Juman representing the Shareholders of Trans Technologies, LLC and John Sutyak who handled the deal on behalf of DDM alongside partner and DDM President Joe Minton.

Trans Technologies, LLC is a holding company formed by AMJ Projects, W.L.L. a business innovator, owned and operated by Dr. Mohamed Juman, which creates and operates businesses in the information technologies, aviation, real estate, and retail sectors. Trans Technologies, LLC is a holding company designed to identify strategic growth and investment opportunities in the interactive and transmedia sectors with Red Stallion Interactive being its first strategic portfolio initiative.

Red Stallion’s content, both licensed and original, will be rooted in culture based on the Arabian Gulf region, with global themes and appeal. By tapping into DDM’s global expertise in the video game marketplace, Red Stallion Interactive will work with some of the leading video game developers, publishers and intellectual property creators around the world to generate best-in-class digital content for a region eager to engage with new interactive entertainment. With DDM’s partnership, the company will initially focus on distributing and developing for the greater Arabian Gulf region to establish its business base, bringing a high quality mobile platform, and online interactive content portfolio to the region’s growing customer base, with plans to expand globally.

“Our partnership with DDM to create Red Stallion marks Trans Technologies’ first investment in the interactive entertainment industry and we couldn’t be more excited about this groundbreaking offering to the Arabian Gulf,” said Dr. Juman. “Red Stallion, through our partnership with DDM, will hopefully fulfill a growing demand for interactive content that speaks to the cultural and entertainment habits of different international territories. We will look to bridge the gap by focusing distribution of relevant and appropriately localized games and media. As the face of interactive gaming evolves, Red Stallion will be at the forefront, leading the charge toward joining these forces and markets together.”

“DDM has a longstanding history of working with the best-in-class talent and developing meaningful partnerships between developers, publishers and license holders alike,” stated Sutyak. “The formation of Red Stallion is another milestone as we continue to lend guidance, business expertise, and build and operate businesses that deliver world-class entertainment around the globe.”

US-based Rudy N. Vogel, advisor to both Trans Technologies, LLC & Red Stallion Interactive, and a board member of both companies, and Fred Fierst, Partner of Fierst, Pucci & Kane LLP, with over two decades of experience in licensing and merchandising video games, film and other types of cross-platform entertainment served as key advisors on the deal.

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