Rentabiliweb: Record Growth in Income in Q3 2010: +40.1% (EUR 23.5M)

By Rentabiliweb, PRNE
Monday, November 8, 2010

Strong, Steady, Essentially Organic Growth in Income for the First 9 Months of the Year: +39.5% (EUR64.5M)

BRUSSELS, November 9, 2010 - In compliance with the financial calendar, Rentabiliweb Group
(ISIN BE0946620946 — Mnemo BIL) published its income as of 30 September
, which was higher than the development plan and the Group's forecasts.
As a result, the Group will easily reach its forecast up to 30% growth for
the year.

    In thousands of Euros  Q3 2010 Q3 2009 Change%  9 months 9 months Change%
                                                       2010    2009

    Income                  23 456  16 742   +40.1%   64 536   46 262  +39.5%
    including audience       9 368   5 628   +66.5%   26 293   17 985  +46.2%
    monetization for third
    parties (B to B)
    including audience      14 088  11 114   +26.8%   38 244   28 277  +35.2%
    monetization for its
    own account (B to C)

"These excellent figures foretell a bright future for our Group," states
Jean-Baptiste Descroix-Vernier, Chairman of Rentabiliweb Group. "Our
operating strategy has proven highly profitable and our development strategy
is continuing even a bit more quickly than I had counted on. Rentabiliweb is
clearly experiencing a new speedup in its growth. I am delighted by this, and
we remain ambitious yet vigilant."

Sharp acceleration in the B to B segment

The monetization services business (B-to-B: audience monetization for
third parties) is showing record growth of +66.5% to EUR 9 368 K.

The third quarter of the year was driven by the momentum of our partner
micropayment sites, which were able to capitalize on new sources of audiences
and on the viral marketing unique to social networks.

The business was also bolstered by the strong growth in the Group's
performance-based solutions, namely e-mail and SMS loyalty programmes and
cash-back solutions such as and, with growth of +80% for the first nine months of the
year and +40.2% for the third quarter of 2010.

Mailorama confirmed its leadership for cash-back activities in France
with a number of additional developments and features over recent months: the
successful launch of Panel & Co, special "First of a Kind" operations, a new
corporate graphics scheme and a new navigation circuit that, according to
initial feedback, speeds up recruitment of active online shoppers. Finally,
Rentabiliweb Group has strengthened its marketing and advertising investments
in the sector. Thus, a partnership has been built with Groupe TF1, making
Mailorama the official sponsor of the French version of popular game show
"The Price is Right" during the month of November.

The Interactive Voice Services and SMS+ activities for digital and
traditional media are growing steadily. Particularly noteworthy are the
launch of SMS+ to the Economic Interest Group for independent radio stations
and the attractiveness of audiotel and SMS+ games for the regional daily
press. Over the past several months, the range has been greatly enriched,
with a new interface for creating SMS+ games and optimization of audiotel
scenarios, enabling our partners to create, administer and manage their games
operations autonomously and to modify their voice services instantly.

Steady and sustainable development in the B to C segment

The digital content publishing business (B-to-C: audience monetization
for its own account), driven by Dating, Women's, Well-Being and Family Games
content, has grown +35.2% to EUR 38 244 K over the first nine months of the
year and +26.8% to EUR 14 088 K for the third quarter alone. The relative
share of the B-to-C business has remained stable and accounts for around 60%
of all Group activities in 2010.

The contribution of Edencast, a performance-based ad space broker
specialized in paid search engine optimization, integrated into the accounts
starting 1 July 2010, is consistent with the Group's expectations. When
subtracted, the organic growth of the B-to-C Publishing activity shows +
29.1% growth over the first nine months of the year. Incorporation of the
staff and the sharing of expertise is continuing and has led the Group to
entrust Edencast's team with monetizing a part of the clients that have been
up to now managed by other publishing subsidiaries within the Group in order
to optimize promotional and advertising investments.

The building of a comprehensive package and full range of entertainment
sites combined with constant control of traffic sources helped to boost cross
sales between the various types of content within the portfolio. At the same
time, the Group strengthened its relationships with partners and affiliates
during the quarter, thanks namely to launch of new promotional tools and
mobile features.

All of this has enabled Rentabiliweb Group to look forward to upcoming
financial years with confidence both in terms of growth in sales and in terms
of profitability.

As a result, and despite unfavorable basis with fourth quarter 2009,
which was particularly buoyant, the Group will achieve its annual growth
forecast largely of over 30%.

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About Rentabiliweb

Founded in 2002, The Rentabiliweb Group offers Internet
professionals and webmasters the largest platform of website traffic
monetization services, namely payment and micropayment solutions. It also
runs affiliate programs, offers online advertising space brokerage and
interactive voice services for offline media and provides renowned expertise
in loyalty programs and Direct Marketing.

Rentabiliweb is also one of the premier French-language
publishers, with a package of services spanning the full range of mass-market
entertainment, from community services, family games and services for the
general public to recommendations for Internet users, personal ads, dating
services and more.

Listed on Compartment C of the Euronext Brussels and Paris
stock markets, the Group today has 13 subsidiaries in Europe, Canada and
Asia, employing 150 staff members around the world. In 2009, Rentabiliweb's
sales topped EUR 65 million, with net profits of EUR 7.5 million.

Rentabiliweb is also a socially responsible company in its sectors of
activity, strictly applying the ten principles laid out by the UN Global

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