Roamware Home Zone - Makes Mobile Calls from Home and Office Cheaper

By Roamware Inc., PRNE
Wednesday, November 10, 2010

SAN JOSE, California, November 11, 2010 - Roamware, Inc., a leading provider of mobile solutions to over 480 mobile
operators across 154 countries, introduces Home Zone, a service that allows
network operators to offer mobile users lower calling rates in certain
pre-selected zones.

Roamware's Home Zone solution empowers mobile operators to compete with
greater efficiency in acquiring traffic from fixed line service providers by
allowing them to offer special low rate plans for calls made from certain
preferred zones such as their home or office. The predefined home zone can be
determined by the location of the user or the operator's nearest GSM tower,
thereby offering a wider coverage range than a wireless fixed line phone or a
Wi-Fi network.

This subscription based service was developed to encourage the end
customers to use their mobile phone with greater freedom at locations where
they would typically use a fixed line phone to make calls at a lower rate.
Roamware's Home Zone service offers users the convenience of using their
phonebook and other features of the mobile phone that aren't always available
on a fixed line phone. Lastly, for users who don't have access to fixed line
phones, in such zones they can use their mobile phones for longer at a lower

"Mobile operators not only lose revenues to fixed line operators at such
locations but now with the growing popularity of VoIP based services there is
additional pressure on operators to reduce tariffs, stay competitive and
maximize traffic. Roamware's Home Zone solution provides just the incentive
to enable this traffic acquisition across an operators' customer base," said
Abraham Punnoose, Vice President Marketing and Business Development at

About Roamware, Inc.:

Roamware, Inc. is the leading provider of roaming and mobile financial
services solutions with a customer base of over 480 mobile operators across
154 countries. The company is the global leader in mobile roaming solutions
with an estimated 60 per cent market share of the voice and data roaming
segments for GSM, 3G and CDMA technology platforms. Roamware m-commerce and
mobile banking solutions have been successfully deployed by major banks and
global operators around the world, including: Vodafone, Permanent TSB and
Bank of Ireland.

Its solutions range from credit transfers, international remittance,
person to person transactions to top-up and bill payment. The company is
headquartered in San Jose with operations in Brussels, Bangalore, Mumbai, New
Delhi Singapore, Dublin, Johannesburg, Amman and Hong Kong.

EMEA, Vojtech Horna , +44-207-282-2901, vojtech at, or USA, Michelle Sabolich, +1-415-593-1400, michelle.sabolich at, both of Atomic PR for Roamware, Inc.; or Abraham Punnoose, VP, Marketing & Business Development of Roamware, Inc., +91-9967927777, abraham.punnoose at

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