NTT Com to Launch IP Service for Global Internal Dialing

By Ntt Communications Corporation, PRNE
Wednesday, November 3, 2010

TOKYO, November 4, 2010 - NTT Communications (NTT Com) announced on November 4 that it will become
Japan's first telecom carrier to offer multinational customers a
voice-over-Internet-protocol (VoIP) service for internal dialing between
global offices, including Japan, beginning December 1. Plans to launch other
new IP communications services also were announced.

NTT Com's new service will enable customers to establish high-quality
global-scale internal dialing networks on a quick, low-cost basis using IP
technologies. Making calls will be as simple as dialing the base (office)'s
extension and then the receiver's extension.

"Global companies have increasing needs not only for data networks, but
also voice-related services for both internal and external dialing and
fixed-mobile convergence solutions, as well as web conferencing and text
messaging," said Mitsuru Takayama, Senior Manager of NTT Com's Business
Network Services Division. "Building on our existing Japanese VoIP service,
we now will begin launching a suite of global IP communication services,
starting with internal dialing."

The service will be offered through NTT Com's managed network service for
enterprise customers, called Arcstar(TM) Global IP-VPN, which will help to
eliminate connection failures sometimes encountered with Internet-based VoIP
services. Linkage with existing private branch exchanges (PBXs) and NTT Com's
VoIP gateway service in Japan, as well as billing for calls on a fixed-rate
basis, will help to minimize costs.

The one-stop service combines NTT Com's network and VoIP gateway
infrastructure, integrates voice and data, and includes facility operation
and maintenance.

Startup will cost just 11,000 yen per base (office), and the monthly
charge will be only 4,000 yen per base. The service will be available in all
159 countries where NTT Com offers Arcstar Global IP-VPN services. Payments
in local currencies will be accepted.

NTT Com also announced plans to launch three more high-quality global IP
telephony services from or after April 2011:

    - Unified voice, video, web conferencing and instant/unified
    - High-quality, low-cost external dialing and call receiving from
      worldwide bases, and
    - Cloud-based global call centers.

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