Rototec Geothermal Energy Plc: Corporate Profile

By Rototec Geothermal Energy Plc, PRNE
Monday, March 28, 2011

LONDON and FRANKFURT, March 29, 2011 - The Board of Rototec Geothermal Energy Plc, the leading
provider of geothermal energy systems in Finland and Sweden, released a
corporate profile for the use of its interest groups. The corporate profile
offers a snapshot view about the company and its operations and future plans.

The corporate profile of Rototec Geothermal Energy PLC is
downloadable from the company's website at

About Rototec Geothermal Energy Plc

Rototec Geothermal Energy Plc is a total solution supplier of
geothermal energy systems founded in 2007 and with operations in Finland and
Sweden. Rototec Geothermal Energy Plc provides complete geothermal energy
systems encompassing thermal response tests, earth energy design and drilling
as an integral part of a complete geothermal heat pump system. Through proven
operational excellence Rototec delivers a high quality, cost effective and
environmentally sustainable energy source for residential and commercial

For more information about the company and its services and
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For any further information, please contact us directly: Rototec Geothermal Energy Plc, Mr Kim Ojanne, Chief Financial Officer, Tel: +46-768-26-66-11, E-mail investors at

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