Rules-Based Medicine Reaches a Significant Milestone in Companion Diagnostic Program With Roche

By Rules-based Medicine Inc., PRNE
Tuesday, May 24, 2011

AUSTIN, Texas, May 25, 2011 -

- Milestone Demonstrates Effectiveness of RBM's Strategic Biomarker

Rules-Based Medicine (RBM), a global leader in biomarker testing
services, and its subsidiary, Psynova Neurotech, has achieved a significant
milestone in a companion diagnostic development program with Roche. Using
samples from a Roche clinical trial, the RBM DiscoveryMAP(R) platform, and
Psynova's biomarker database and expertise, a biomarker pattern was
identified that has utility in prognosis of disease progression and/or
predicting or monitoring the efficacy for a compound in the Roche CNS
pipeline. Roche has exercised its option to continue commercial development
based on these results, which could result in additional future milestone and
royalty payments to RBM/Psynova.

"Achieving this milestone is an example of how pharmaceutical and
biotechnology companies can leverage RBM's testing services, databases, and
expertise to make real progress," said Craig Benson, President and CEO of
RBM. "We appreciate the opportunity to work with a company of Roche's stature
and experience to develop a product that both meets Roche's needs and can
potentially improve patient outcomes. RBM values this relationship with a
company that is leading the way and shares our vision for personalized

This project highlights Rules-Based Medicine's Strategic Biomarker
Services. RBM consults with our partners to design the best clinical trial,
using our comprehensive menu of quantitative immunoassays and decades of
expertise in sample type selection, experimental design, and data analysis.

On April 27, 2011, Myriad Genetics (Nasdaq: MYGN) of Salt Lake City, a
leader in molecular diagnostics, announced an agreement to acquire
Rules-Based Medicine. The transaction is expected to be complete by May 31,
. RBM headquarters will remain in Austin, TX and will operate as a wholly
owned subsidiary of Myriad Genetics under the name Myriad RBM.

About Rules-Based Medicine, Inc.

Rules-Based Medicine's biomarker testing service provides clinical
researchers, physicians and healthcare providers with reproducible,
quantitative, multiplexed data for hundreds of proteins to advance drug
development and patient care. The Company's proprietary Multi Analyte
Profiling (MAP) technology offers pre-clinical and clinical researchers
broad, cost-effective protein analyses in multiple species from a small
sample volume. MAP technology also supports RBM's drive to develop
diagnostics that aid in the detection of complex diseases and conditions in
areas of unmet medical need such as neuropsychiatry, nephrology, immunology
and cardiology. RBM's initial molecular diagnostic test, VeriPsych(TM), is a
blood-based test that aids in the confirmation of diagnosis of recent-onset
schizophrenia by evaluating a proprietary set of 51 biomarkers. RBM also
offers innovative and proprietary ex vivo testing systems such as
TruCulture(TM), the first fully-closed, reproducible whole blood culture
system. More information about RBM is located at

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