Sanford Guide Introduces New Mobile App for Treatment of Infectious Diseases

By Sanford Guide, PRNE
Monday, July 11, 2011

SPERRYVILLE, Virginia, July 12, 2011 -

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Stay Current with New Emerging Infections, Drug-Resistant

The Sanford Guide, recognized as the essential reference for
infectious disease treatment, announced the release of its first
mobile app for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.  The Sanford
Guide App, available on Apple’s App Store for $29.99, contains the
comprehensive guidelines and recommendations featured in the
well-known pocket-size guides used by health care professionals in
treatment decision making for over 40 years.

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The new mobile Sanford Guide provides convenient access to
critical information on treatment of infectious diseases, for use
by health care professionals for timely, effective treatment at the
point of care - whether at an urban ICU in Germany, a crowded HIV
ward in Kampala, Uganda, a medical relief tent in Sichuan, China or
an overworked primary care clinic in Iowa.  

Advantages include easy navigation and search tools, extensive
internal links, and source references throughout.  Regular
updates will reflect new drugs, shifting resistance patterns, the
emergence of new diseases, and the changing availability and
efficacy of anti-infective therapies.  

The editors of the Sanford Guide are among the world’s foremost
infectious disease experts.  Each member of the Editorial
Board is associated with a leading medical school and major
teaching hospital. The Board is geographically diverse and the
collective expertise and experience of the editors covers the
complex field of infectious diseases.

“This is a huge leap forward for the Sanford Guide, to take
advantage of current, state-of-the art technology to improve how we
bring the most comprehensive infectious disease treatment
information to the field,” said Jeb Sanford, managing editor.
 ”The ability to deliver critical information at the point of
care makes the Sanford Guide App an essential tool for all health
care professionals who may deal with infectious diseases.”

The world faces dangers from increased antimicrobial resistance
to long-established drug treatments for diseases like pneumonia and
tuberculosis while at the same time having to cope with new
emerging infections like highly resistant staph, H1N1 flu and new
strains of E. coli bacteria. The challenge remains how best to
deliver information relevant to treatment conveniently and quickly
at the point of care.  Doctors and other health care providers
have come to rely on the Sanford Guide, which provides the
comprehensive content, extensive source references, user-friendly
format and portability that make it the “gold standard” reference
in its field.  

The Sanford Guide delivers convenient, comprehensive
recommendations for treatment and prevention of bacterial, fungal,
viral, retroviral, parasitic and mycobacterial infections.  It
provides recommendations for surgical prophylaxis, and relevant
drug information covering pharmacology, adverse effects, drug-drug
interactions and dose adjustments, all supported by editor
commentary and detailed references.

Antimicrobial Therapy, Inc., publisher of the Sanford Guides,
has been owned and operated by the Sanford family since 1969.
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