Seiko I Infotech Inc. (SIIT) Introduces New Wide-Format Multifunction Printer Series: Teriostar LP-1030 Series

By Seiko I Infotech Inc., PRNE
Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Best productivity in value-class wide-format LED printers -

TOKYO, April 7, 2011 - Seiko I Infotech Inc. (SIIT), a wholly owned subsidiary of Seiko
Instruments Inc., has released the Teriostar LP-1030 series, a value-class
wide-format multifunction printer with high performance and compact design.
The Teriostar LP-1030 series offers two models: the LP-1030-MF, a
multifunction model integrating copy, scan, and print functions, and the
LP-1030, a printer model. Shipments will begin in May, 2011.

SIIT has recently developed a high-performance print engine and scanner
allowing the LP-1030 series to achieve print speeds of 6.2 A1-size prints and
7.5 D-size prints per minute, and scanning speeds of up to 240 mm/9.4" per
second. Combining these two features, the LP-1030 series will improve
workplace productivity and running costs, which are increasingly needed in
today's competitive market.

Main functions

1. High-Speed 600 dpi Print Engine and New Output System Improve

The new high-speed print engine achieves print speeds of 6.2 A1-size
prints and 7.5 D-size prints per minute. Moreover, the LP-1030 automatically
delivers small prints to the upper catch tray and large prints to the lower
catch basket. This saves time for sorting prints and improves workflow

2. A0/E-size High-Speed 600 dpi Color Scanner

The integrated scanner scans at speeds of up to 240 mm/9.4" per second
(Black and white: 300 dpi, Color: 150 dpi).

3. Space-Saving Compact Design

The LP-1030 offers a very small footprint (1200 by 605 mm). All paper
operations are from the front, so the LP-1030 can be pushed right up against
a wall. This saves space and provides easy printer positioning in small

4. User-Replaceable Process Cartridge and Charge Wire Unit

SIIT has put the photosensitive drum into a user-replaceable cartridge.
This unique user-replaceable process cartridge and charge wire configuration
allows anyone to replace them when needed. This eliminates service calls, and
reduces downtime significantly.

5. PC-Based Software Suite (TerioStation) Included

A new software suite that supports a true PDF workflow is now included to
streamline document input/output workflow.

    a) Batch Print Function
    b) Viewer Function
    c) Scan to File

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