Revolutionary Dispenser Technology From Airolux Wins Prestigious Edison Award

By Airolux Ag Plant Switzerland, PRNE
Tuesday, April 5, 2011

BILTEN, Switzerland, April 6, 2011 - A sensation at the award of the prestigious 2011 Edison Best New Product
Awards(TM) in New York: Airolux wins the silver award with its revolutionary
invention. The prize was awarded for the innovative Air0Pack(R) dispenser
technology "plastic instead of metal, air instead of propellant gas".

A great honour for a great invention: The Edison Awards Gala in New York
on 5 April 2011 is an event at which prizes are given to innovative
technologies and novel products. Sensational winner of the silver award is
Airolux with its revolutionary world first, the Air0Pack(R) dispenser
technology: The developers have succeeded in substituting propellant gas by
air in aerosols and in making the entire dispenser in plastic instead of
metal. The innovative key component is the patented PCD Pressure Control

"We are delighted with and very proud of the silver award. With the
adjudication by some 2,000 experts from industry and science, we are
encouraged to introduce our revolutionary technology for greatly reduced
production and filling costs to the world market", says Quint Kelders, CEO of
I.P.S. Innovative Packaging Solutions AG, in acknowledgement of the award. A
spectacular start to a new era in dispenser packagings.


Airolux AG in Bilten (Switzerland) is a joint venture established by IPS
with the Resilux Group in June 2010.

The Edison Award-winning, patented Airolux Air0Pack(R) dispenser in
brief: A plastic container is fitted with a compressed air chamber. This
employs a novel invention, the PCD Pressure Control Device, to press a piston
upwards, releasing the liquid content, the gel or foam.

This eliminates the disadvantages of conventional aerosol systems: The
Airolux dispenser is made entirely of plastic which brings considerable
advantages for the packaging design and, above all, lower production costs
and faster filling throughput times. Moreover normal air is used in place of
aerosol propellant, the risk of explosion is eliminated and metal containers
are no longer required.

By now, the technology has passed all tests and is ready for the market.
A number of globally active companies have expressed considerable interest in
this patented system; the first large-scale production for customers is
scheduled for this summer.

I.P.S. Innovative Packaging Solutions AG is a Swiss holding company. The
shares are listed on the Domestic Standard of SIX Swiss Exchange. (Ticker:
IPS; ISIN: CH0002013826).

IPS is a leading innovator and active investor with great expertise in
the field of primary packagings. It specialises in mechanical and
pressure-controlled dispensing package technologies and systems. Today, the
developed and patented Air0Pack(R)-technology represents the most important
asset of the group.

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