First Quarter 2010 Sales Figures up by 10%

Monday, May 3, 2010

PARIS, May 4, 2010 - Consolidated sales for the first quarter 2010 increased by 10%
to EUR 19.2m.

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(All figures are based on a comparison with the same period in
2009, unless otherwise stated)

        Consolidated Revenues (EUR million)     As at   As at      Change
                                                 31st    31st
                                                March   March
                                                 2010    2009

    Classified ads                              14.911   13.584 1.327   +9.8%
    - Paris area                                 7.003    6.521   481   +7.4%
    - Regions                                    7.908    7.063   846  +12.0%
    Online advertising and partnerships            861      751   110  +14.7%
    Direct services to internet users              328      293    35  +11.8%
    Total classified ads and media              16.100   14.628 1.472  +10.1%

    Services: agency website design and listing  1.533    1.260   273  +21.6%

    Real estate software Pericles                1.548    1.548     0    0.0%

    TOTAL revenues                              19.181   17.436 1.744  +10.0%

"Several factors contribute to the current rebound in real
estate transactions: interest rates are at a historic low, transaction prices
appear to be stabilizing, and the comparison base is favourable. This market
environment means our professional agency clients are in better financial

As announced, we returned to double-digit growth in our sales
figures during the first quarter 2010. All the Group businesses have
contributed to this performance. This advance, along with the recurrent
effect of subscriptions has consolidated our optimism for the whole financial
year", comments Roland Tripard, Chairman of the Management Board of

- Historical audience performance for the Group websites.
Internet traffic has reached the record figure of 3.3 million unique visitors
for the SeLoger and Immostreet websites in March 2010. The time spent per
visitor is the highest in the sector (16 minutes against 3 to 6 minutes for
the competitors). The leap in the number of visits and pages viewed crowns
the activity of the new version of the Seloger website launched in September

                                     March-10   March-09  Change
       Time spent per       minute    16:23      19:25    -3:02
       unique user*
       Number of unique     million     3.3        2.8       17%
       Number of visits     million    15.9       11.1       44%
       Number of pages      million   211.2      162.1       30%

Source: Google Analytics and *: Mediametrie // NetRatings.

iPhone application, number one in its class. The Group
confirms its lead in the new mobile Internet territory, which rocketed with
more than 15.5 million pages viewed in April 2010. The application has been
downloaded on over 330,000 handsets (i.e. over 570,000 downloads including

- 10.1% growth in sales during Q1 2010 for Classified Ads,
totalling EUR 16.1m.

The recovery of property resales results in the return of
double-digit growth, as announced. The net gain of invoiced clients for the
period amounts to 437 on a domestic level. This figure reveals our ability to
win over new clients as well as the improvement of the financial situation of
estate agents.

The average domestic basket has increased by 7.2% to EUR 385
compared with the end of March 2009. The average basket increased by 4.5% to
EUR 487 in the Paris Region and by 10.2% in the province to EUR 328. New
clients are reacting positively to services additional to the posting of ads:
65% of subscribers have purchased at least one supplementary option.

                        March-10 Dec-09 Sept-09 June-09 March-09

                                       Paris area
    Number of customers    4.685  4.580   4.549   4.607    4.558
    ARPU in Euros            487    481     481     473      466

    Number of customers    8.500  8.168   8.010   8.075    7.928
    ARPU in Euros            328    320     319     308      298

    Number of customers   13.185 12.748  12.559  12.682   12.486
    ARPU in Euros            385    378     378     368      359
    - 14.7% increase in Online advertising and partnerships; in a context of
      moderate market recovery of online advertising, the Group benefits from
      robust growth, strengthening its ties with existing clients as well as
      pursuing the development of partnerships with new advertisers.

    - 21.6% increase for the Agency website design and listing; beyond the
      on line advertising of properties for sale, estate agents have resumed
      investments towards the regional recognition of their brand through the
      websites dedicated to their agencies.

    - Stabilisation for the real estate software activity Pericles: as the
      other Group activities, Pericles has improved its quarterly performance
      by stabilizing its sales for the period. The winning over of new
      clients should have positive results during the coming quarters.

2010 Year Outlook

The turnover achieved as well as the sales results recorded
during the first quarter confirm our full year targets i.e. a sales figure of
between EUR 81m and EUR 84m and an Ebitda* of between EUR 42m and EUR 44m.

Roland Tripard, Chairman of the Management Board of concludes << According to our expectations, the recovery of
transactions has boosted growth for our professional agency clients and
increased their appetite for supplementary options. Nevertheless,
uncertainties surround the vigour of the economic recovery and the possible
increase in long term interest rates at year-end reduces visibility on the
financial year. The historic record reached in last March, demonstrates that
our attention remains focalised on the growth of our website audience even
though competition remains lacklustre.

Innovation remains at the heart of our priorities: we will
continue to propose new services which contribute in the growth of ARPU to
our customers throughout the year. New coming features for users with added
value will contribute to the divide with competing websites."

                                Coming Events

    - Annual General Meeting       :  27 May 2010

    - 2010 Q2 sales figure         :  19 July 2010 (after market closing)

*EBITDA: Earnings before interest tax depreciation and amortization, post


The group is France's leading online real estate
player, with websites and services aimed at internet users and real estate

It has become France's benchmark online marketplace for real
estate classified ads with several leading sites,, and The group is also the leading provider in France for
real estate transactions software solutions with Pericles.

The group gives internet users access to France's most
extensive range of classified real estate ads, with more than 2.3 million
ads. It also gives real estate professionals the largest platform in the
market, with an audience consisting of around 3.3 million unique visitors
spending an average time of 16 minutes (source: Mediametrie//Netratings March
).'s business model is based on innovative services
dedicated to real estate professionals. The company plans to maintain its
growth strategy, which focuses on four main areas:

    - continuing to add new estate agent customers, in both Paris and the

    - improving its range of products and dedicated services for all types of
      real estate professionals;

    - introducing innovative new services for individuals planning a real
      estate transaction;

    - making selective acquisitions. has been listed on Euronext Paris (compartment B)
since 30 November 2006 and is part of the following indexes: SBF 250, CAC
90, CAT IT and Euronext 100.

ISIN code: FR0010294595


Contacts Investor relations: Laurence Begonin Maury, +33-1-53-38-29-00, Laurence.maury at; Corporate communication: Karine Reffet, Karine.reffet at

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