Merges Contextual Ads and Textual Link Ads Into One Format

Thursday, April 22, 2010

EINDHOVEN, The Nederlands, April 23, 2010 - An innovative concept of merging different types of online advertisements
into one format has been realized by the portal
The new ad format, named Digest-Based Ads (DBA), provides the online
advertisers with a powerful instrumentation to reach multiple marketing
targets at once and with a low cost.

The high-tech lab IVRA, located in the 'Silicon Valley of Europe' has
released a principally new service for online promotion and marketing,
available on its website The service allows
online advertisers promoting their online business/product by placing the
Digest-Based Ads on such Internet resources which theme/niche coincides with
the niche of the promoted business.

The achieved niche-match between the promoted product and publishing
websites is not the only advantage of the service.
The second benefit is brought by the nature of the DBA format. Opposite to
the Google AdWords and Yahoo! Advertising platforms, which allow only short
texts in their ads, the format of a Digest-Based Ads allows placing a digest
(mini-article) containing a title as a direct link to the promoted website
and a few descriptive sentences in a post-title description. This attracts
more attention from the visitors of publishing websites, since the
information in such DBA is readable and informative.

As a result, via DBA placements, an advertiser obtains multiple benefits
at the same time: (a) publicity ('I read about this somewhere in net'), (b)
bringing thematically involved visitors onto his business website from the
publishing websites, and (c) better website ranking in major search engines,
due to the direct link in the DBA title, where the good ranking brings even
more targeted visitors from the organic search results.

The owners of the publishing websites admitted to the network that, among
valuable website monetization, they also obtained additional content for their
websites, because the digests are placed on their webpages on a long-term
basis. is a part of IVRA Holding B.V., headquartered in
Eindhoven, The Netherlands, which develops and provides B2C online-solutions
for marketing and tourism sectors.

Contact: Egor Bondarau of the IVRA Holding, +31(0)6-47568928, E.Bondarev at

April 23, 2010: 1:22 pm

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