Serbian Industrialist Mile Dragic Joins Influential American Organization, Meets Washington Elite

By Circle 40, PRNE
Thursday, June 10, 2010

WASHINGTON, June 11, 2010 - Mile Dragic, the noted Serbian industrialist, has been admitted to the
Circle 40 in Washington, D.C. The Circle 40 promotes international peace
through dialogue and discussion between luminaries of foreign affairs,
security policy, defense policy, and policy makers.

Mr. Dragic was the personal guest of the Commandant of the United States
Marine Corps, General James T. Conway, for a reception at General Conway's
home and a private viewing of the Marine Corps Parade at the Headquarters of
the United States Marine Corps.

Dragic attended the Circle 40 Inaugural Weekend, joining the likes of
General Michael Hayden (former director of the CIA, NSA, and Principal Deputy
Director of National Intelligence), Secretary Michael Chertoff (former
Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security), General P.X. Kelley
(former Commandant of the USMC), Representative Spencer Bachus, Senator Paul
, United States Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, Ambassador Paula
(former under Secretary of State for Democracy and Global
Affairs), and Erik Prince (founder and sole owner of Blackwater, now Xe).
Senior journalists and commentators from the American Media also
participated, including Patrick Buchanan (former senior advisor to three
American presidents and a two-time candidate for the Republican nomination
for president), Sam Donaldson (veteran ABC journalist and television news
anchor), William Kristol (Editor of the influential Weekly Standard), Fox
News pundit Greta Van Susteren, and Tucker Carlson (the youngest anchor in
CNN history and a current Fox News contributor).

The Circle 40 supports a vigorous public education program where opinions
are formed and where the war of ideas is won in the public media. Circle 40
conferences bring noteworthy persons together from around the world to meet
with policy makers in government, the military, and Academe to share and
transform ideas.

Mile Dragic is a green-energy pioneer as well as the founder and owner of
a modern and innovative military and police equipment manufacturing

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