sipgate Launches Web-Based Telephony Solution for Businesses

By Sipgate Gmbh, PRNE
Monday, August 2, 2010

DUSSELDORF, Germany, August 3, 2010 - Today, VoIP innovator sipgate (
launched a new team edition of their UK telephone service. This entirely
web-based service replaces both phone systems and phone lines, allowing small
and medium-size companies to move their corporate phone service to the cloud!
sipgate team starts at only GBP1.50 per user per month and a 30-day free
trial is also available.

With sipgate team each employee has online access to their
inbox, containing phone logs, faxes, recordings and voicemail messages.
Features like forwarding, labelling and comments allow employees to be more
productive. It also allows employees to return calls at the click of a
button, or sign and send faxes through a WYSIWYG interface on the company
letterhead. Most features such as call forwarding, call recording, and 3-way
calling can be activated with a single mouse-click, making features
previously hidden in phone systems now fully accessible to employees.

"Our aim is to make a telephone service that's as easy to use
as email," said Thilo Salmon, CEO of sipgate. "If you can use email, you know
enough to run your company's corporate telephone system. We think this
service will resonate particularly well with entrepreneurial companies and
firms that have already realised the benefits from other web-based services
like hosted CRM or email."

sipgate team offers a variety of features designed to make
companies more productive, collaborative and efficient such as:

    - Quick to set-up, manage and use - With an interface similar
      to web-based email, it's simple, fast and intuitive to use. Employees
      can browse through their inbox and outbox for a complete history of
      voicemail messages, calls, recordings and faxes.
    - Save time by letting employees manage their own preferences - While
      only administrators have preferred access to add new users, office
      locations and blocks of phone numbers, employees can manage their own
      preferences without any further help.
    - Promote team collaboration with a CRM-like functionality - Calls can be
      routed to multiple employees simultaneously - such as customer
      service representatives--and accessed through the Web, where the calls
      can be tagged and noted according to the action taken.
    - Enhanced Web-fax - Faxes can be sent and received online.
      Using uploaded letterheads and signatures, employees can send
      official-looking faxes over the Web and sign them with a click of a
    - Announcements - Auto-attendants can play-back personalised
      recordings and direct callers by requesting them to press specific
      numbers on their phone keypad.
    - Scalability - There is no limit on the number of phone
      numbers that can be added to the service. Employees can be added or
      removed as the business evolves.

An introductory offer is available to companies with up to one
hundred users, and costs from just GBP1.50 per user per month and is offered
as a one month rolling contract. The costs for domestic calls to fixed-line
networks are 1.0 p/min and to mobile networks 9.9 p/min. sipgate team can be
set up within minutes and a fully-functional, no-strings-attached, 30-day
free trial is available at No credit card is
required for the trial and there is no requirement to cancel if companies
choose not to continue using the service.

More information and screenshots are available under

About sipgate:

The sipgate VoIP service provides private customers with a
free internet telephone service and offers business customers a
fully-functional and cost-effective cloud telephone service for enterprises
with up to 100 employees. sipgate can be used anywhere in the UK and offers
geographical phone numbers and number blocks in all area codes as well as
international phone numbers. sipgate has been in operation in the UK since
2004. In addition to their UK service, sipgate is also available in Germany,
Austria and the United States. Hundreds of thousands of customers use and
trust sipgate on a daily basis, making it one of the biggest
network-independent SIP based VoIP providers in Europe.

    Press contact:
    sipgate GmbH
    Wilhelm Fuchs
    Press officer
    Tel: +49-211-63-55-55-35

Press contact: sipgate GmbH, Wilhelm Fuchs, Press officer, Tel: +49-211-63-55-55-35, E-Mail: press at

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