"Sitting Ducks" No Longer: Advance Flu Warning Permits Creation of Replikins Custom Synthetic Flu Vaccine in Animals

By Bioradar Ltd., PRNE
Thursday, November 10, 2011

LONDON, November 11, 2011 -

- Replikins TransFlu™ Vaccine Now Available for Order from BioRadar UK Ltd.

Animals and humans no longer need to be “sitting ducks,” oblivious to and unprepared for emergent infectious disease outbreaks. Rather than being caught off-guard by mass influenza outbreaks, UK-based biotech firm BioRadar Ltd. can successfully analyze the concentration and structure of the genomic Replikins in ’scout’ viruses isolated from initial cases up to one year or longer, which provides advance warning of, and the ability to respond to the coming specific outbreaks (1,2).

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More significantly, the advance warning affords BioRadar the time to produce specific solid-phase synthetic Replikins vaccines in seven days, and to test them thoroughly. Bulk production also takes days rather than months. Storage does not require refrigeration. For an example of current advance warning in H5N1 influenza, see Figure.

Specifically, BioRadar UK Ltd will make available the following synthetic updated Bogoch Replikins vaccines for animals: ReplikinsTransFlu™ against H5N1-H9N2-H1N1 Influenza Viruses in Poultry; ReplikinsFMD™ against Foot and Mouth Disease Virus in Livestock; ReplikinsTaura™ against Taura Syndrome Virus in Shrimp; and ReplikinsAMD™ against Aleutian Mink Disease Virus in mink.

The standard deviation of the mean (SD) indicates the population distribution of viruses with different Replikin Counts. At relatively low virus replication rates, the SD is small; the SD of the Replikin Counts increases with virus rapid replication, and an increase in the Mean follows (2).

BioRadar UK Ltd. has identified the specific Replikins in the H5N1 virus genome, both conserved and novel, which are currently building in concentration, increasing the risk of large outbreaks of H5N1 (Figure; Ref 3). The current H5N1 buildup, beginning in 2007 in birds, earlier in humans, resembles the Replikins buildup which led to the prediction in 2008 of the 2009 H1N1 Pandemic, one year in advance (1,2). Initial H5N1 and H1N1 cases are now occurring (7,8) and have led to the formulation of Synthetic Replikins Updated TransFlu™ Vaccines.

When the Replikins change again, the vaccine can be changed in 7 days.  The ‘Two Punch’ (against more than one gene) Replikins TransFlu™ vaccine has been proven effective against H5N1 in chickens and totally blocked virus excretion, making control of virus reservoirs possible (4).

In the previous H5N1 outbreaks between 1997 and 2011, the predictions published one year in advance, based on increases in Replikin Count™, have been followed invariably by strain-specific virus outbreaks (5-8).  In the Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) virus genome, BioRadar identified both conserved (back to 1964) and new Replikins.  In 2009, FMD genomic Replikins increased in concentration to their highest level in 52 years and thus predicted, one year in advance (6), the current 2010-2011 outbreaks of FMD.  


1. The new technology of the Replikins chemistry of the genome of pathogens makes accurate predictions of strain-specific outbreaks possible for the first time.

2. For each pathogen, the specific genomic Replikins are the basis for the specific Replikins Synthetic Vaccines.

3. When the genomic Replikins change, the vaccine can be changed in 7 days, providing ReplikinsUpdatedVaccines™.

The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (UN FAO) has noted the accuracy of Replikin Count™ predictions (8), and the UK Department of Trade and Investment has green-lighted BioRadar UK Ltd. (9).

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