Slow Uptake of Apparel PLM Software

Sunday, July 10, 2011

BROMSGROVE, England, July 11, 2011 -


Forecasts for the uptake of product life cycle management (PLM)
technology in the clothing industry might have slowed from the
bullish expectations of three years ago - but industry observers
still believe the sector could grow by 20% per annum by 2014,
according to the latest industry management briefing by

In an href="">
exclusive briefing on this important technology for apparel
firms, just-style finds PLM software suppliers are still confident
that investment in the tools will continue to be strong, despite
the volatile global economy.

Three years ago, apparel software firms were raving about the
growth potential of product life cycle management (PLM) technology,
forecasting the market could grow 30-40% annually by 2014.

Fast forward to 2011, and those projections have been tailed
off. While they are still bullish, some observers admit earlier
forecasts were “wishful thinking,” pumped up during an economic
boom notorious for exaggerations on the growth potential of a slew
of markets.

That said the briefing goes on to highlight the potential for
PLM software suppliers in markets such as China, India and Asia
- which are poised to benefit from the region’s booming
fashion markets.

“We’ve had a lot of response from Asia where we’ve had major
sales,” Simon Poulton, sales vice president at French software
provider Lectra tells just-style. “Domestic brands are growing
surprisingly quickly and because there are hardly any legacy
systems, they are embracing technology straight away.”

One anonymous observer says Asia’s growth rates could easily
double the global average in the next few years as the region’s
economies continue to grow at an average of 7% a year.

The briefing also notes, however, that the US and Europe still
remain the largest PLM markets. “Fashion retail in the US and
European markets is stagnant,” one observer says, while “China and
India are experiencing significant growth.”

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