St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2010

By St Petersburg Economic Forum, PRNE
Tuesday, June 15, 2010

ST. PETERSBURG, Russia, June 16, 2010 - In 2010, at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, leading
government officials, business and financial figures, experts and media heads
from Russia and across the globe gather to identify and take action on
measures to secure the recovery of the global economy while discussing new
ideas and solutions to forge more sustainable growth.

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This year's theme for the SPIEF Programme is "Laying the Foundation for
the Future" and roundtables, workshops, panel discussions and briefings focus
on three major issues:

    - GLOBAL ECONOMY: managing the next stage of recovery. Discussions centre
      on the restructuring of the global economy, including shifts in the
      balance of power, changes in the financial architecture, new forces in
      global demand, and the imperative of environmentally sustainable

    - RUSSIA - TODAY AND TOMORROW: economic modernization and Russia's role
      in the world. Discussions explore in detail the policies and measures
      to develop more value-added means of production and a diversified
      economy and fostering innovation, as well as examine Russia's role in
      shaping the regional and global financial, trade and business

    - LOOKING INTO THE FUTURE: fostering innovative thinking in business.
      Discussions uncover new approaches to the development of production, the
      ongoing impact of technology on business models, and overcoming the
      challenges to scaling digital, outer space and green technologies.

Background on the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum

The St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) was established
in 1997.

Since 2006 SPIEF has been held under the patronage of the President of
the Russian Federation. Over the past five years the Forum has transformed
into a leading business event, attracting over 3000 international and Russian
participants representing government and business leaders from around the
world, joined by leading voices from academia, media and civil society.

SPIEF gathers the world's leading decision makers to identify and
deliberate the key challenges facing Russia, emerging markets and the world
and engage communities to find common purpose and establish frameworks to
forge solutions.

SPIEF 2010 participants include:

    - 1500 business leaders (including 300 CEOs of the world's foremost

    - 1000 Russian and international government representatives

    - Over 1200 leading Russian and international media representatives give
      coverage to the SPIEF events.

SPIEF official programme includes over 30 interactive panel and workshop
sessions, which include:

    - 300 speaking and moderating opportunities

    - Over 50 award ceremonies, company presentations, press conferences and
      ceremonies marking the signing of major investment agreements.

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