Staffing Agency Software Supplier, Bond Adapt Partners With Drag&Tag

By Bond International Software, PRNE
Wednesday, January 26, 2011

With Drag&Tag now Available as an Integrated Plug-in with Recruitment Agency Software Bond Adapt, Customers can Import Client and Candidate Information Directly from the web and Retain Online Intellectual Property Currently Lost -

WORTHING, England, January 27, 2011 - Bond International Software, the global provider of recruitment agency
software ( & human capital
management software, has integrated its portfolio of recruitment system
( applications and staffing
agency software ( - Bond
Adapt and EZAccess - with Drag&Tag , a browser based collaborative research tool.

The partnership means customers of recruitment system provider Bond can
easily -

    - Create and update records in Adapt without leaving their browser
    - Integrate LinkedIn with their existing workflow
    - Categorise and make notes on useful web pages
    - Compare user's online activity
    - Search team members Outlook folders and useful (tagged) web pages

Recruiters typically use the internet to search for information about
their clients, prospects and candidates, then manually create or update
records on their recruitment system. If a consultant is busy, the record may
not be completed accurately or even not added to the database at all.
Instead, key information often gets stored in personal folders; excel
spreadsheets, or notepads, which leads to missed opportunities and
duplication of effort by other team members.

The integration of Drag &Tag with Adapt, has provided an effective
solution to this problem - Drag&Tag Adapt is seamlessly integrated with
LinkedIn, users' existing Outlook folders, and the internet so that content
from any of these sources can be easily imported into the Adapt recruitment
system and retained.

Guy Rubin, Managing Director at Drag&Tag, explains, "Our clients'
intellectual property is one of their biggest assets. Drag&Tag makes the
useful information found online searchable across the business and speeds up
the process of getting it into their existing recruitment system. Drag&Tag
has become a 'must have' toolbar for recruiters that use the internet and
Outlook to research clients and job seekers."

Rubin continues, "The feedback from the initial group of customers who
already have Drag&Tag integrated with the staffing agency software, Adapt,
has been incredible. Owners and managers like how Drag&Tag drives best
practice and the IP retention, while their recruiters love the way Drag&Tag
links information they find online and tools they already use (e.g. LinkedIn
and Outlook folders) with their existing recruitment system. We are delighted
to formally announce that Drag&Tag is now available to all Bond customers
integrated with all versions of recruitment agency software, Adapt, and

Rubin added, "The investment both companies have put into this
collaboration has lead to a seamless user experience we can both be proud of.
Bond customers, who use recruitment agency software, Bond Adapt, will be
pleasantly surprised by the easy 'Plug&Play' installation and rollout and we
are particularly excited about the coming months."

Tim Richards, Managing Director of Bond International Software,
concludes, "Bond Adapt is arguably the most versatile and effective staffing
agency software available to recruiters for the management of candidate and
vacancy data. However, a recruiter's success relies upon how quickly data can
be inputted into the recruitment system and acted upon. Drag&Tag will allow
our customers to import vital information from a variety of online and
offline sources into our recruitment agency software, enabling them to log
jobs and place suitable candidates into vacancies at a far faster pace. This
collaboration will enhance our customer's recruitment system, therefore
having a direct, quantifiable impact on their bottom line."

About Bond International Software and Bond Adapt

London stock market-listed Bond International Software plc is a global
provider of recruitment system solutions, staffing agency software and human
capital management (HCM) services.

Bond is the largest, and most established, global specialist in
recruitment agency software for recruitment agencies and executive search
firms worldwide and is a rapidly growing provider of web-based staffing
agency software, and talent acquisition software to the corporate market.
Bond also provides established HR and payroll software and outsourcing
services directly to both the public and private sectors.

Established in 1973 and quoted on the AIM market of the London Stock
Exchange since 1997, the recruitment system provider has consistently
achieved financial growth and maximised investment in the development of
technology and service provided to its international client base.

Bond has over 37 years experience in the development and creation of
recruitment agency software and recruitment system solutions that have become
industry standards. Headquartered in the United Kingdom, the Group also has
offices in the United States, Australia, Canada, South Africa, Japan and Hong
- with a global team of nearly 500 employees, 3700 customers and over
100,000 users.

Staffing agency software, Bond Adapt is a specialist portfolio of
recruitment system applications which has earned Bond the reputation for
enhancing organisations', business growth and profitability throughout the
global staffing industry. Although configuration of recruitment agency
software, Adapt, is easy, Bond offers five pre-configured systems especially
for Recruitment, Vendor Managed Serviced (VMS), On-site, ASP and Healthcare.

Staffing agency software, Bond Adapt customers include some of the
largest recruitment agencies in the world and a large number of private
sector organisations, including: Adecco, Hays, Michael Page, Manpower and

    For further information, please contact:
    Bond International Software
    Tim Richards
    Managing Director
    Courtlands, Parklands Avenue, Worthing.
    Tel +44(0)1903-707070

    Press contact
    Will Gardiner

    Guy Rubin
    Managing Director
    Tel: +44(0)7932-949-932

For further information, please contact: Bond International Software, Tim Richards, Managing Director, Courtlands, Parklands Avenue, Worthing., Tel +44(0)1903-707070; Press contact, Will Gardiner, itpr, +44(0)1932-578-800; Drag&Tag, Guy Rubin, Managing Director, Tel: +44(0)7932-949-932

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