MarketsandMarkets: Global Oil Shale Market Worth US$12.01 Billion by 2015

By Marketsandmarkets, PRNE
Wednesday, January 26, 2011

DALLAS, January 27, 2011 - According to a new market research report, 'Global Oil Shale Market'
html), published by MarketsandMarkets (, the
global oil shale market is expected to be worth US$12.01 billion by 2015,
with an estimated CAGR of 7.7% from 2015 to 2030.

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The growing demand for energy is expected to exhaust the world's crude
oil reserves in another 40 years. The market price of crude oil reached $145
per barrel in the third quarter of 2008. Though the cost per barrel was
around $60 in 2009, it is expected to rise in the next few years. These
factors and fluctuating costs have created the need for other resources to
meet the growing demand for fuel oil.

Global oil shale resources can supply more than 2.8 trillion barrels of
nonrenewable energy. This is almost three times the capacity of crude oil
reserves. Currently, the cost of retorting oil from oil shale is higher than
the cost of crude oil production. Although this factor has kept many
companies out of the market so far, cutting-edge research is now being
undertaken across the globe to reduce the cost of production. One such study
by Shell seeks to cut production costs to less than $25 per barrel. These
developments within the oil shale industry can soon open up tremendous market
opportunities for all the industry stakeholders. In addition to the extracted
fuel oil, oil shale yields several other sub-products like lubricating oil
which also possess huge market potential.

This report will be the first of its kind to study the oil shale market
on the basis of each market segment. It provides vital market data and also
strategically discusses market opportunities for the stakeholders in the oil
shale market.

Scope and Format

The oil shale market or more specifically the Kerogen market is segmented
according to the extracted products, applications, technologies, and
geographies. Each section will provide market data, market drivers, trends
and opportunities, and key players. In order to provide a comprehensive
market insight, the report's market tables are also categorized on the basis
of revenues generated by each product, application, technology, and
geography. The report also highlights the strategic issues involved in
tapping the oil shale market, which is expected to dominate the world market
for nonrenewable energy.


    - The intended audiences will be:
    - Oil shale companies
    - Petroleum Companies
    - Energy Companies
    - Mining companies
    - Technology Providers

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