Steamed-up Specs Wiped-Out for Good

By Essilor, PRNE
Monday, December 5, 2011

BRISTOL, England, December 6, 2011 -

Glasses-wearers’ pet hate banished with new lens

An affliction which plagues spectacle-wearers - the steamed-up lens - could soon be a thing of the past thanks to a new scientific development.

Fogged lenses are a problem shared by glasses-wearers from all walks of life. Celebrities with specs - from Cheryl Cole to Fiona Bruce to Alan Carr - will almost certainly have experienced it. Not to mention chefs such as Nigel Slater and Hairy Biker Dave Myers.

And your everyday specky is likely to steam-up regularly too, whenever they open a hot oven or dishwasher or go for a run. In the winter it can happen every time you have a hot drink, get on the bus or walk indoors.

The newly launched Optifog lens from Essilor is set to change this for good. Its anti-fog technology prevents glasses from steaming up. Great news for the 37 million people in the UK who need vision correction.

Essilor’s scientists have developed a ’super water-attractive’ lens surface. This means when condensation forms, it becomes a thin, invisible film - rather than fogging the lens. It is effective even when the wearer picks up a pan of boiling water.

The people who will benefit most from the technology are home-cooks and chefs, professionals who wear face masks (such as medics), and people who enjoy outdoor sports - particularly running and cycling. But anyone who wears specs will be delighted to know that there could be an end to the inconvenience and embarrassment of steamed-up lenses. Nobody likes having to fumble for their glasses in public and give them a wipe.

“Ask any glasses-wearer what they dislike about their specs, and they are bound to mention steamed-up lenses,” says Mike Kirkley, Managing Director at Essilor Ltd. “At best it is a bit of a pain, but it can also be dangerous if you are taking something out of the oven or cycling on the road.”

“Our researchers are dedicated to exploring ways to make wearing glasses as close as possible to natural vision. Optifog represents a significant step towards achieving that goal.”

Optifog lenses are now available from leading opticians around the UK. For more information, visit

Notes to editors:

Optifog is a new technology developed by Essilor researchers. It makes optical lenses super water-attracting (hydrophilic) and is appropriate for single vision, varifocal and sun-lenses.

A world leader in design, production and adaptation of optical lenses, Essilor is the first to market with this permanent coating system. It works in combination with a weekly reactivation (and clean) of the lenses with Optifog Activator liquid.

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