SuperGay & the Attack of his Ex-Girlfriends Videogame Comes Out Available for Apple Platforms

By Super Gay Games, PRNE
Monday, June 27, 2011

BARCELONA, June 28, 2011 -


World’s First Launch of a Gay Superhero Videogame

Klicrainbow comes out into the market with “SuperGay & the
Attack of his ExGirlfiends”, the first videogame about a gay
superhero, available for Apple platforms: iPhone, iPad and iPod

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Inspired by the comic books, SuperGay has an original script
that runs a unique adventure through a motion comic narrative. The
game follows the rhythm of an original soundtrack with a
blockbuster style. The added value for SuperGay consumers is that
it provides great entertainment and funny gameplay.

To help SuperGay achieve the 32 game levels, the user will be
immersed in amazing world of fun mini games, whilst he or she
should eliminate the clone army to stop an imminent nuclear war.
The game presents many challenges and different mechanisms:
infiltration levels, dancing, skill puzzles, dynamic chases and
action, lots of action.

SuperGay plot

Dr. Tom Palmer is an idealistic scientist of the Genetic Corp.
Company. There, he works with his father-in-law, Dr. Arnold Himmler
and the beautiful Ilsa Himmler, his fiancée.

He develops a cloning project for humanitarian purposes. However
behind his back, his father in law and fiancée negotiate lucrative
contracts with international leaders to sell their work for
military purposes.

However, when Dr. Palmer finds it out it seems too late.
Dissatisfied with his personal life, and now betrayed in his
career, Tom needs an escape. A failed experiment grants him new
super powers and opens the door to his last chance. Tom will have
to stop his jilted ex-girlfriend Ilsa to attempt revenge, which may
result in a truly global nuclear war.

About Klicrainbow

Headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, Klicrainbow is a publisher
and developer of interactive entertainment software videogames,
using the new online channels.

Supergay technical specifications

Title: SuperGay & the Attack of his
Genre: Adventure, Action, Superheroes, Puzzles
Developer: Klicrainbow, S.L.
Distributor: Apple
Official website: href="">

Release date: 28/6/2011
Text/voice/manual languages: English, Deutsch, Italian,
French, Spanish
Online: Yes
Resolution: 2D
Price: 2,39€
Music in game: Original soundtrack
Facebook: SuperGay the game
Twitter: @SuperGayhero

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