Supplements Labeled "Waste of Money" by Nutrition Expert

By Predator Nutrition, PRNE
Tuesday, June 28, 2011

BRADFORD, England, June 29, 2011 -


Glandular nutritional href="">supplements sold on
the premise that they can help bodybuilders have been slammed as
“bogus” by the founder of a leading British nutritional

The supplements in question include those containing the trace
mineral Boron and others derived from bull testicles, and which
Reggie Johal, founder of Predator Nutrition, claims offer no
benefit whatsoever to athletes looking to build muscle bulk.

“Boron started to appear in supplements in the 80s and 90s, and
there are still a number of products claiming that it can increase
the levels of testosterone in the blood and thus aid a harder
workout,” he said.

“These claims are bogus. Recent scientific studies involving
male weight trainers have shown that Boron has no effect whatsoever
on testosterone levels.”

He added: “The only situation in which a Boron supplement would
be helpful is if a person had a deficiency of the mineral.
Otherwise, it’s a sheer waste of money.”

Johal, an ex-Great Britain American Footballer, has watched as
the dietary supplements industry has grown rapidly in the UK over
the last decade, and Predator Nutrition has established a sterling
reputation for the sale and distribution of proven, effective
sports supplements such as href="">protein
powder and creatine.

While the supplements industry is advancing at a rapid rate and
creating innovative new products that benefit lower level athletes
and fitness enthusiasts as well as bodybuilders, there remain a
number of products on the market that are based on outdated and
disproven methods and concepts.

Reggie Johal explained: “Extracts such as dried bulls testicles
were probably the first testosterone boosters marketed to athletes,
on the basis that bulls produce a vast amount of testosterone and
if we could ingest their glandular extracts, we too could grow to
superhuman proportions.

“Sadly, apart from getting strange looks from people, these
extracts are worthless and better left on the bull. Thankfully (for
the bulls’ sakes) they are absent from the bodybuilding market
today, although still marketed to the impressionable and the
uninformed. If you see anyone claiming to have made great gains
from these, they will undoubtedly be full of bull.

“The reality is that there has never been a single study
conducted showing benefits with the use of glandular-based

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