Survey Sampling International and Opinionology Receive Approval to Combine; Agreement is Finalized to Unite Under the SSI Brand

By Survey Sampling International ssi, PRNE
Wednesday, July 6, 2011

SHELTON, Connecticut, July 7, 2011 -

 - Two Global Leaders Join
Forces, Creating the First Complete Portfolio to Support
Stage of the Survey Research


Survey Sampling International and Opinionology have received
regulatory approval to combine and finalized their agreement to
unite under the SSI brand.  By integrating their complementary
offerings, they are creating the industry’s first complete
portfolio to support every phase of the survey research process.
 The new SSI’s unique end-to-end solution supports market
researchers with a full suite of online, offline and mixed access
sampling and data collection services, as well as advanced data
analytics and reporting, including real-time results and customized
dashboards.  In addition, with 30 offices around the world,
respondents from 72 countries and staff fluent in 36 languages, it
provides both the global reach and on-the-ground knowledge to
deliver accurate, meaningful and consistent outcomes for both
multi-country and domestic research projects.  

To ensure researchers gain the insights they need from any
target segment, however tightly defined, the new SSI also taps into
the widest range of respondent sources, providing broad, eclectic
access across every consumer, B2B and healthcare audience.
 The combined company brings 50 years of experience to every
project, including more than a decade creating and managing online
panels across 28 countries. It extends and diversifies its reach
even further to cover those who would never join a traditional
panel through SSI Dynamix™ — its dynamic sampling platform that
links to a multitude of sources, including proprietary panels,
social media, online communities, affiliate partners and more.

In addition, SSI has the largest team of professional telephone
interviewers, conducting more than 6 million interviews a year
through its integrated network of call centers in the US and
Philippines. Team members are experienced across the total spectrum
of interviewing techniques, including phone-to-Web recruiting,
public opinion measurement, Voice of the Customer programs and
executive interviewing.  

To ensure optimal outcomes for all projects, whether online,
offline or mixed access, the SSI Knowledge Team will continue to
play a central role in the new company.  Comprised of senior
methodologists, the Knowledge Team provides consultative guidance
on questionnaire optimization and respondent engagement.  It
also conducts extensive “research on research” to advance sampling
and survey design.  

“We are excited by the powerful synergies we see in the Survey
Sampling and Opinionology services–and thrilled the approval gives
us the opportunity to unleash the full potential of our combined
offerings,” says Kees de Jong, who will continue his role as CEO in
the newly-combined organization. “By joining forces, we are
creating a completely new kind of partner for market
researchers–one that is uniquely able to meet their needs in a
radically changing world.  For example, we can integrate
wireless sample to reach the exploding number of cell-only
homes…broaden and diversify sources to capture the soaring number
of social networkers and online community members…and even
optimize surveys for mobile platforms, whether iPhones, Droids,
BlackBerries or SMS text messages, to access today’s on-the-go

David Haynes, who had been CEO of Opinionology and will serve as
President and COO of the new SSI, echoes de Jong’s enthusiasm
saying, “By uniting two global leaders, we not only can offer the
most innovative and comprehensive portfolio but also the strongest
and most dedicated service. With offices spanning every time zone,
we can provide 24/7 support to both our research clients and
respondents.  In addition, with our continued focus on
methodological excellence and scientific rigor, we can ensure the
high standards of data integrity to generate reliable results that
drive effective business actions.  In addition, together, we
have even greater investment strength to create the technology
advances that meet researchers’ growing need for faster turnaround,
higher efficiency, more streamlined processes and stronger data
integration to optimize decision making.”

New Leadership Is

In addition to Mr. de Jong and Mr. Haynes, SSI’s senior
leadership team also includes Charles Gottdiener of Providence
Equity Partners who will serve as Chairman of the Board.  Mr.
Gottdiener will lead a newly-combined board that includes
representation from both Providence and Sterling Investment
Partners, primary owners of the legacy Survey Sampling and
Opinionology organizations, respectively. Simon Chadwick, who had
been Survey Sampling’s Chairman of the Board, will remain as a
board member and continue to play an active role guiding the new

About SSI

Bringing together Survey Sampling International and
Opinionology, SSI is the premier global provider of world-leading
sampling, data collection and data analytic solutions for survey
research.  SSI reaches respondents in 72 countries via
Internet, telephone, mobile/wireless and mixed access offerings.
 Value-add services include questionnaire design consultation,
programming and hosting, data processing and real-time reporting.
 SSI serves more than 2,000 clients, including the top 50
research organizations. It has 30 offices serving clients around
the world.



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